It was our first week shaping our “social life” around our new pup “D” – ain’t she a cutie? Basically unless we find a dog sitter, we can’t go anywhere for more than a few hours because her bladder is the size of a pea and she really doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal to sneak into the living room and take a mini dump on the floor when Jon and I are passed out on the couch at 9:30pm. See what I mean about our “social life”?
We are also trying to “budget” which is hard in a place like Greenpoint. I always say, we’re going out for dinner – grab a $100. Do you find that no matter how hard you try – a night out for two costs like $100 with drinks. We can’t NOT have drinks.
Jon sewed us these adorable denim pouches out of my fat jeans that are too small (thanks Veggie Burger Diaries) and I painted them. Cash in hand, rather than using debit cards, makes it easier to save. It’s just way too easy to swipe, but when you see your booze fund dwindling you know you have a problem – maybe two?
I grabbed $30 from the Date pouch. Figuring that “D” the dog could hang out with us in the outdoor area at Matchless (557 Manhattan Ave). Bar food makes for a good cheap date dinner.
When my friend joined us and took out a Ziploc bag filled with smashed up TUMS and Ibuprofen, I wondered if maybe my Veggie Burger with Cheddar, Avocado, Mayo and a Side of Fries was a bad idea. Jon got one, too – plus two drinks and we spent $34 – plus one happy hour drink.
When the cook brought out our meals he took one look at “D” and said – “no dogs,” so Jon stood on the opposite side of the jail bars and I fed him french fries through the holes. After I finished my burger I took a shift outside while he pounded his beer – and so forth.
My burger patty was okay – not sure if it was homemade, but there were carrots and veggie chunks and it was only slightly mushy. The bun was just too big and kind of dry and all the add-ons slipped off, which was frustrating. The french fries tasted like the freezer – very disappointing. I’d remembered many satisfying bites at Matchless, especially when they were serving the panelle sandwich. This was less than stellar.
Not to mention I was up the entire night with the worst bloating and indigestion of my life. I should have snorted my friends antacid mixture when I had the chance.

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