Greenpointers is no stranger to the talents of local illustrator, Tamara Garvey. In fact, she is a regular contributor to our weekly Hook Up, providing visual depictions of everything from celebrity christmas trees to sophisticated nail art .

Tamara’s whimsical drawings of nature, wild creatures, and adorably fiendish burglars will emerge from her Etsy page to make a special appearance at our Fall Market on 10/12. 

The artist herself gave us some details about her experiences with freelancing, card-making, and burglar-drawing.


GP: Is illustrating your day job or do you do other work as well?

Tamara: It is!  In April I quit my day job and started freelancing full-time.  It’s basically my dream come true.  I juggle lots of projects — I sell at craft markets, (on Etsy, and wholesale at shops and galleries) and do illustration commissions (including a regular one for the you guys).  I also do some freelance writing, as well as help other crafty friends sell their work at markets.

GP: How did you get into illustration?

I went to Savannah College of Art and Design to get a degree in Illustration, and I really loved drawing in pen-and-ink and creating fun, quirky, whimsical drawings.  After school, I started an Etsy shop of prints, and then I added cards.  Three years ago I moved to Brooklyn and I really wanted to be able to live off of my artwork eventually, so I started adding other things with my drawings on them to my Etsy shop — lockets, fabric, and Moleskine journals.  I like to be continuously trying out new avenues, so, most recently, I’m looking into getting tote bags and phone covers made. 

Halloween cards!

GP: What are your favorite things to draw?

A couple of years ago I kind of fell into doing a series of old-timey burglars climbing trees, with random absurd objects in the trees.  I began with a Russian nesting dolls drawing, and I also have one with cupcakes, birdcages, the stars and mushrooms from Super Mario Brothers, plus a few others.  I love drawing them, and they really make people laugh, which I also love!


GP: What are you most looking forward to at this year’s Fall Market?

Tamara: The venue is so beautiful!  I love the exposed brick and string lights.  I don’t know Greenpoint super well (I live in Bushwick) so I’m always excited to explore a new neighborhood, especially near the river.  And I look forward to trying some fun local food.

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