Greenpoint artist Amanda Browder, who in 2010 draped the facade of a Greenpoint apartment building with fabric, is up to her old artsy tricks again with Good Morning Project.

In late September as part of FAB! Festival 2013 she will be installing another fantastically colorful fabric structure on East 4th between Bowery and 2nd Ave in NYC.

In the meantime she is holding Public Sewing Days on Thursdays from 12-5pm at 75 East 4th St.

Amanda is loads of fun so when I asked to take her portrait, I knew that just one shot could not capture the many colors and flavors of her wild and quirky personality.

Not to mention she owns like 5 million pairs of eyeglasses! I asked Amanda a few questions about her obsession with specks when we did this super fun stop motion video shoot.

Read the interview and watch the video after the jump.

Music for the video is by local band High Teen Boogie.

GP: Every time I see you (which is pretty often) you’re wearing a new pair of eyeglasses… you have some explaining to do:

Amanda: yup! Although I do have my top ten or so….

GP: Is there a bottomless pit of eyewear in your apartment?
Amanda: …(sheepishly) …yes?

GP: How many pairs do you have?
Amanda: 45-65. It depends if you count ones where I haven’t had lenses put in or not. I like to collect unique ones, saving them for the future.

GP: How do you organize them all?
Amanda: I have a fabric lined drawer where I lay them out. Every morning I open the drawer and decide which one to choose.

GP: How can you possibly chose? 
Amanda: I usually either decide by my outfit or my mood. Colors, shapes and styles all play into my decision. I see fashion as an extension of yourself, but to a more extreme finding those edges of styles that can be incorporated into your already personal style. Western and Hip Hop. *I shop at a lot of second hand stores in Montana (where I am from) and Wrangler western shirts are psychedelic and amazing. Mixing this with a pair of Cazals…oh man, pure color magic.

GP: How have you acquired such a grand collection?
Amanda: I started working as an optician during grad school (MFA @ UW Madison). This is when I started collecting. Between my job and vintage/second hand/garage sales I have accrued my collection. It’s always hard when my prescription changes. I work in groups of 4 or 5 depending what I can afford. 🙂

GP: What make a pair of glasses, the perfect pair of glasses?
Amanda: I think it’s a blend of good color, unique shape and a frame that brings out your good features. For my collection I try to mix it up and find frames that I don’t already have. Some I pick because they are just so beautiful on their own.

GP: Which pair is like your good old comfortable pair of shoes?
Amanda: Right now I am wearing a Selima Optique pair called Claire (that I have in 2 colors) because it’s so comfy and looks good.

GP: Can eyeglasses change your entire mood?
Amanda: YES! I have one pair that makes me feel like a bad ass evil lady who wears black and eats people for breakfast! Cruella meets Grace Jones HAHAHHA! pure stereotype, but it gives me confidence in that it’s so bold, and that it makes any outfit super cool.

GP: Is it true there is a pair of eyeglasses named after you?
Amanda: Yes! It’s the Selima Optique Amanda frame 

GP: Will you ever stop? Will there ever be enough?
Amanda: NO! I heart glasses and it’s part of my personality. I also love helping people look for new glasses. It feels good helping people break out of their shell, as well as “do research” on my own, by getting new pairs and testing them out.

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