Mock-up of the plan for Greenpoint Landing, courtesy of Handel Architects

Have you heard about the approved plan for the Greenpoint Landing development yet? Need another visual? Pretty crazy, right?

Like it or not, the Greenpoint Waterfront will soon be drastically transformed by a 22-acre, 10-tower development.  The plan includes 30- to 40-story buildings, comprising 5,500 apartments, retail space, and a new public school.  If your reaction is one of  shock, outrage, or overwhelming joy (because you love love LOVE condos more than life itself!), now is the time to weigh in on new changes proposed by the developers.

See you TONIGHT (Tuesday August 13th 2013) at 6:30pm for a Public Hearing at Community Board 1, at Automotive High School (50 Bedford Ave).

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  1. I really don’t like this plan. Doesn’t seem very well thought out. If 5,500 apartments are going to be built then we should expect about 10,000 + new residents in Greenpoint. Sure could be great for business but the quality of life will become a crowded mess, I might as well live in Union Square. I really don’t understand why they can’t just build something smaller maybe 2,000 apartments or less, and have more green recreational space on the 22 acre space. I really don’t think 10,000 or more new residents is what greenpoint needs. This is all about the developers making some big bucks while we suffer as our quality of life diminishes behind a wall of glass building stealing everyone else’s view of the city which we all enjoy from different angles of Greenpoin. But instead the person who gets this privilege is the one who has the bmw parked in an underground parking lot paying their $4,000 rent for a 1 bedroom. I’m sure they don’t care since they wont be living here, but I still feel it’s important to let these people know that this project is not welcomed at all in this hood. This is a bad idea and I’m not the only one. Stop this if we can.

  2. And just when are 80/20 the affordable housing applications going to be available? After 10+ years in the neighborhood I’d rather not get priced out. Hell, I already have been.

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