Ahole(s) Vandalize Statue in McGolrick/Winthrop Park

An appalling photo via Friends of McGolrick Park’s Facebook demonstrates how utterly disrespectful and douchey people can be. Lincoln Restler assures the parks department will be cleaning our beloved statue up ASAP.


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  1. Victoria says:

    This makes me so very sad. Maybe it was the same A holes that stole my bike on Christmas Day.

  2. Bennet says:

    Can’t you see the art behind the act?

  3. Gina Santonas says:

    I saw this Sunday morning. The same Douchebags also knocked all of the garbage cans over and threw trash every where. I wish there was more of a police presence at night to keep the human animals out. It is such a beautiful park and the Parks Department takes such good care of it. I hope they find out who did it. I am sure it is probably some kids. The bright lights left their initials on the statue in paint so that should help.

  4. I saw this group of teenage kids hanging out under the arch there the night before throwing tree branches at passerby in the park. I called the cops on em, but wouldn’t be surprised if this was them.

  5. Carolyn says:

    Gina did you by any chance photograph their initials? I will be speaking with levin about finding and punishing the swine who did this. As I just wrote on another post, they’re pathetic little cowards who were probably intimidated by the statue’s genitalia. And that statue is hung like a ken doll!


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