• It’s Rental Season, 5 Things to Look Out For In Your Lease (Brokelyn)

• Riding through a fire hydrant on your bike in the heat is fun, right? 10 Things You Should Know About Open Fire Hydrants (Bushwick Daily)

• New Greenpoint Restaurant Luksus Reviewed By Grub Street

• Got A Greenpoint Restaurant? Inspection Reform That Might Not Suck (Greenpoint Gazette)

• New Restaurant: The Elm Coming To King & Grove (Free Williamsburg via Du Jour)


No G Train? No Problem (Brokelyn)

Flag Burner is a Greenpointer (Gothamist)

• Not Surprising, Teens Arrested At McCarren Park Pool (Brooklyn Paper)

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  1. Do we really need places like The Elm or Luksus in Greenpoint? Looks like we’re all going to be outpriced out of this neighborhood in 3…2…1…

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