Open Fire Hydrants, Luksus, The Elm, No G, Flag Burning, McCarren Pool Arrests: The Hook-Up (7/13)

• It’s Rental Season, 5 Things to Look Out For In Your Lease (Brokelyn)

• Riding through a fire hydrant on your bike in the heat is fun, right? 10 Things You Should Know About Open Fire Hydrants (Bushwick Daily)

• New Greenpoint Restaurant Luksus Reviewed By Grub Street

• Got A Greenpoint Restaurant? Inspection Reform That Might Not Suck (Greenpoint Gazette)

• New Restaurant: The Elm Coming To King & Grove (Free Williamsburg via Du Jour)

No G Train? No Problem (Brokelyn)

Flag Burner is a Greenpointer (Gothamist)

• Not Surprising, Teens Arrested At McCarren Park Pool (Brooklyn Paper)

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Google Reader Will Not Be Available After July 1, 2013: NOT Okay

Were you as perplexed and disappointed as I was to get this notification that Google Reader is closing down shop in July? Usage has declined, according to Google. Still I bet ALOT of people still use it. In fact, loyal users started a Keep Google Reader campaign, a petition that over 40,000 people have signed it.

The petition allows for commentary on why the product shouldn’t retire. Aside from “I love google reader,” others expressed worry of other google products being taken away. For example, what if after reducing unread messages from 15,000 to 35 (Thanks Tony!) they decide to end gmail?

Google, instead of cutting our beloved google reader, a useful tool for organizing the infinite cluster fuck that the internet is – why not get rid of Google Plus instead, which is a boring cluster fuck of a social network?

Unless this petition works, we must find an alternative. Here are Life Hacker’s 5 Best Google Reader Alternatives. I am going to try The Old Reader, which seems super simple and allows me to easily import my Google reader feed. Fingers crossed.

What reader will you use come July? Let us know in the comments section.

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Koch Calls Cuomo A Prick, GMO Labeling, Gowanus Clean-Up, Hasidic Boners, Sexercise’s Demise, Rotgut Ends: The Hook-Up (3/3)

Cafe Capri• Submit Films To Northside Film Festival
• Ed Koch’s Last Word Involves Calling Cuomo A Prick and saying “Giuliani was a very good mayor, but he was not a good person… Rudy is not a racist he is mean to everybody.” (NYTimes) WATCH THIS!
• “They’re the most-tested food product that the world has ever seen,” Hugh Grant, CO of Monsanto speaks about GMO labeling and Growth (Wall St Journal)
$500 Million Gowanus Clean-Up Plan Unveiled; Fisherman Don’t Get Excited
• Mannequins Give Boners in Hasidic Williamsburg & It’s Not OK (Free Williamsburg)
• Greenpoint Speakeasy Rotgut Ends Not Without A Bang (NYTimes)
Sexercise Doesn’t Work (Brokelyn) #sadface
Non-Super Bowl Events in Bushwick (Bushwick Daily)

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Lost Street of Greenpoint; Paulie Gee Baltimore, Red Hook Relief Cook Book, Last Minute Gifts: The Hook-Up 12/22

Rusted Rainbow © Brooklyn Imbecile

Hooking you up with some links you might find interesting and useful:

• E Cook Book For Red Hook Relief (Brokelyn)

New Paulie G Joint in Baltimore (Serious Eats)

Last Minute Brooklyn Gifts (Brooklyn Based)

Residents Say No To Big Chains For New Mall in Bushwick (DNA Info)

Map of the Villages of Brooklyn 1827 (Brooklyn Historical Society)

Lost Streets Of Greenpoint (Forgotten NY)

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Fire On Norman, Park Luncheonette to Reopen, GP’s Best Brunches, Alt Sailing, Halloween Pranks:The Hook-Up 10/26

Fire on Norman and Jewel Leaves Eight Injured (DNAinfo)


• Exciting! Owners of Matchless to ReOpen Park Luncheonette (Eater)

• How can one chose? The 7 Best Brunches in Greenpoint according to Brokelyn.

• On the scene: Paulie Gee on Heritage Radio


• Brooklynites like to Throw Around Their Cash More Than Voting (Animal)

• Bushwick Daily has a sex advise column. So Jealous!

• Greenpoint’s Duke Riley is a pirate alternative sailor on a waterway near you! (Vice)


Get Your Ghoul On (Brooklyn Based)

50+ Free & Cheap (The Skint)

Paranormal Brooklyn (Brokelyn)

Halloween Pranks On Your Neighbors That Save Toilet Paper (Gizmodo)

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Pregnant Woman Held Up at McCarren, Brewery Coming, Ospreys, Domino Sold, Hipster Hating, Hipster Coloring Book, Green Design Competition: The Hook-Up 10/20

• Pretty scary: Pregnant Mom Mugged At Gunpoint While Pushing Stroller In McCarren Park (Gothamist)

• A Brewery / Restaurant is coming to the Greenpoint Waterfront from our friends at Brouwerij Lane (DNA Info)

• Would it be cool to have osprey platform’s on the East River? Jamaica Bay has Ospreys  (Queens NYC)

Domino Sugar Sold, Affordable Housing in Question (Gothamist)

• Marketing Stunt By Hipster Haters Doesn’t Result in Hipster Beating (Brokelyn)

Hipster Coloring Book – Really (Brooklyn Paper)

Backwords Video from Greenpointers CMJ Showcase  (Free Williamsburg)

• Golly We Need a Greener City; Green City Design Competition (Good)

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Audubon Retweet, Free CMJ Shows, Dupont Fire, Bike Fines, 10 Towers, Graham Ave Sleaze: The Hook-Up 10/13

• We don’t get usually get all gaga over social media attention but we were majorly honored when Audubon Society retweeted Greenpointers’ recent story on Birds of McGolrick Park!

North Brooklyn News

graham ave antique store owner• DNA Info: Williamsburg Antique Store Owner Arrested for Alleged Sexual Assault: Greenpointers had a lot to say about “this guy” Joseph Loiacono (left) on our Facebook page.

• ABC Local: Vehicle hits woman, 2 children in East Williamsburg – Neighbors literally pulled victims from underneath the crash.

• Fire on Dupont Results in Tragic Death of Greenpointer

• Running red lights ain’t worth it, according to Gothamist Cyclist Slapped With $1,555 In Fines During A Single Traffic Stop

no name bar greenpoint menuGreenpoint Eats

• Grub Street: Greenpoint’s No Name Bar Swaps Out Ramen for Thai Fishball Noodle Soup. Food service starts at 4pm; we cannot wait to try the new menu (above).

Greenpoint Real Estate Development

In Response to Our Story “Huge Greenpoint Development Underway?”:

• Curbed: Plans For Greenpoint’s 10 Luxury Towers Moving Forward

• Gothamist: Greenpoint Developer Wants to Build 10 Huge Towers, Giant Bridge

• Free Williamsburg: Goodbye ‘Boardwalk Empire Set’, Hello Trashy Miami Style Condo Complex?

Beyond Greenpoint

• Queens NYC: East Rockaway Inlet to be dredged this Fall, Rockaway Beach gets that sand to help with beach erosion


• These movie lists via Brooklyn Based rule! Netflix Instant Movies from Paste  and  HTML Giant

• Greenpointers’ upcoming show at Delinquency was listed on Brokleyn’s Your Complete Guide to Free Shows at the CMJ 2012 Music Marathon!

Greenpoint Kids:

• Ed Notes: Parents Sue SUNY Over Charter School Authorization

• Mommy Poppins: List of Indoor Play Areas in Greenpoint

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Brooklyn Townie, Time Warner, Speed Cameras on McGuinness, Musician Killed On Bike, Gentrification Ruining Brooklyn?: The Hook-Up 10/6

•Brooklyn Rail: I Was A Brooklyn Townie

• Capital New York: A skeptic calls for speed-camera experimentation on McGuinness Boulevard

• Bushwick Daily: Local Musician Killed on Bike

• BK Mag: Have Hipsters and Gentrification Ruined Brooklyn?

• Gizmodo: How to Beat Time Warner’s Bullsh*t Modem Rental Fee

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Lincoln Wins, Clintons at Roberta’s, Suits Fight, The Hook-Up 9/23

• Gothamist: What? The Clintons Ate At Roberta’s!?!?

@LincolnRestler tweeted: “Against all odds – after every last valid ballot was counted, we have won by 53 votes! Can’t thank you enough for extraordinary support!”

• Brooklyn Vegan: Forbes lists Williamsburg, Brooklyn as the third “hippest hipster” nabe

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Bushwick Daily Has a New Look

Last Thursday Greenpointers and The Skint hosted a Brooklyn Blawg Brain Pick at The Diamond (43 Franklin St). Not only did I want to put faces to the geniuses behind my favorite Brooklyn blawgs, I wanted to talk shop, ask numbers, and find out how they run their businesses.

It was a great event, rolled through with like 20 heads and packed into the gondola, while Tim soaked everyone with the hose. Needless to say, it was a very professional evening filled with serious conversations. Crew

The following awesome blawgs showed up: Bushwick Daily, Brooklyn Spaces, The Skint, Park Slope Stoop, Brokelyn, I Love Greenpoint, Brooklyn Imbecile, Hyperallergic & Get Wakefield.

There was a lot of talk about BlankSlate, a company that does all the dirty work for local blogs, so you can focus on the fun part, blogging. They handle ads, an event calendar, etc. I have been onto them since Brownstoner and Brokelyn are on board, and now one of my favorite blogs Bushwick Daily, run by one of my favorite peoples Katarina Hybenova, has revealed a new Bushwick Daily website also with BlankSlate.

New Look Bushwick Daily

Take a look and let us know what you think!

If you are a Brooklyn Blogger and want to be a part of future meet-ups, email greenpointers (at)

More photos here.

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