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Name Nassau & Greenpoint Ave G Stops, Smallest Wiener, Inside the Lift, Bushwick Shooting: The Hook-Up (7/22)

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• Cringeworthy: MTA is talking about selling subway station names to corporations, but the names would be “accurate and help orient customers as they navigate the MTA network,” like Macy’s 34th St – to shopping of course. What would they call the G Nassaue & Greenpoint Ave stops? Polonia Nassau? The Garden G?

• This happened: Smallest Dick Contest (via Brokelyn)

• “The Peranza is an all-for-one effort, in which the common goal of moving the Giglio subsumes all class distinctions.” Inside the Giglio Lift (Greenline)

• They don’t have it for the G (not surprising) but a website predicts temps on L train platform during the recent heat wave (Bushwick Daily)

• Flickr is cool again with photo generated maps. If I remembered my password I’d login and show you a #Greenpoint map… (Animal)

5 shot in Bushwick on Saturday (ABCLocal)

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Open Fire Hydrants, Luksus, The Elm, No G, Flag Burning, McCarren Pool Arrests: The Hook-Up (7/13)

• It’s Rental Season, 5 Things to Look Out For In Your Lease (Brokelyn)

• Riding through a fire hydrant on your bike in the heat is fun, right? 10 Things You Should Know About Open Fire Hydrants (Bushwick Daily)

• New Greenpoint Restaurant Luksus Reviewed By Grub Street

• Got A Greenpoint Restaurant? Inspection Reform That Might Not Suck (Greenpoint Gazette)

• New Restaurant: The Elm Coming To King & Grove (Free Williamsburg via Du Jour)

No G Train? No Problem (Brokelyn)

Flag Burner is a Greenpointer (Gothamist)

• Not Surprising, Teens Arrested At McCarren Park Pool (Brooklyn Paper)

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BUG OUT!, Budin, Sleeping Giant, Grumpy Times Square: The Hook-Up (6/1)

From The Wooden House Project

• On Greenpoint’s art scene, Calico Brooklyn’s Scott Chasse comments: “Greenpoint’s art scene is a sleeping giant,” in an article about the gallery in Art File Magazine.

• BUG OUT! Become a Brooklyn Urban Gardener (get it?) at Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

Cafe Grumpy opening in Time’s Square? Yes. (Brokelyn)

BK Flea shut down last week, “because the edge is a poorly constructed piece of garbage.” (Free Williamsburg)

• We are in the siding capital of the world, but if you so have a Brownstone, find out if it’s a wood frame.

Another cafe is coming to Greenpoint in the fall, and you can also buy a Nordic sweater there. (Village Voice)

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Bushwick Daily Has a New Look

Last Thursday Greenpointers and The Skint hosted a Brooklyn Blawg Brain Pick at The Diamond (43 Franklin St). Not only did I want to put faces to the geniuses behind my favorite Brooklyn blawgs, I wanted to talk shop, ask numbers, and find out how they run their businesses.

It was a great event, rolled through with like 20 heads and packed into the gondola, while Tim soaked everyone with the hose. Needless to say, it was a very professional evening filled with serious conversations. Crew

The following awesome blawgs showed up: Bushwick Daily, Brooklyn Spaces, The Skint, Park Slope Stoop, Brokelyn, I Love Greenpoint, Brooklyn Imbecile, Hyperallergic & Get Wakefield.

There was a lot of talk about BlankSlate, a company that does all the dirty work for local blogs, so you can focus on the fun part, blogging. They handle ads, an event calendar, etc. I have been onto them since Brownstoner and Brokelyn are on board, and now one of my favorite blogs Bushwick Daily, run by one of my favorite peoples Katarina Hybenova, has revealed a new Bushwick Daily website also with BlankSlate.

New Look Bushwick Daily

Take a look and let us know what you think!

If you are a Brooklyn Blogger and want to be a part of future meet-ups, email greenpointers (at)

More photos here.

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