Sign-Up for Indie Media Camp – I’m Teaching! (11/10)

Calling all bloggers and independent media moguls – Brooklyn Based is hosting an all day Indie Media Camp in Gowanus on November 13, 2013 and asked yours truly to teach just one of the many great classes offered:  Pro Photo Tips For Bloggers.

Aside from useful workshops, the schedule is packed with useful panels on food blogging, ad sponsorships, navigating social Media – with panelists from EATER, Refinery 29, Brokelyn, Gothamist and many more!

If you’re just starting a blog or a seasoned blogger there will be a ton of important information to learn. Buy tickets! 

And if you come, no heckling me!

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Nail Art, Greenpoint the Song, CSA Art Shares?, Hynosis in the Hood, Poor Doors Wars –The Hook-Up 8/26

Artwork by Tamara Garvey

Apparently nail art is high art these days. (Blouin Art Info)

Indie Rockers, Bridges And Powerlines, have a new song called “Greenpoint

CSAs for Art. The business model works great for squash and peaches, but sculptures? (The L Magazine)

Greenpoint girls are voluntarily getting hypnotized. (Bedford & Bowery)

Developers are creating “Poor Doors” for the affordable housing segments of the abominable waterfront properties planned in our neighborhood.

Joe Lentol is proposing stiffer sentencing for home invaders.

And finally, people are having really nice weddings inside abandoned-looking Greenpoint warehouses.

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$3.75 Million Condo, BK Mag Hates & Loves on GP, Mayoral Debate, No Light, No Lycra, The Elm – The Hook-Up 8/19

Artwork by Tamara Garvey

• If you have $3.75 million – you can buy this Greenpoint Condo on West St (Brownstoner)

• Kicking us while we’re down, the Brooklyn Magazine reported on a poll that ranked Greenpoint “just below East New York for perceptions of class and safety” based on Google Street View images – then took it back to say how fabulous we are.

• Missed the Mayoral Debate? “Watch Christine Quinn, Bill de Blasio, Bill Thompson, John Liu and Anthony Weiner (but not Sal Albanese) tell each other how wrong they are about everything” (Brokelyn)

• Tour of Newtown Creek with Mitch Waxman, “The EPA estimates it one of the dirtiest waterways in the country.” (Times News Weekly)

For the Love of Greenpoint Food (Eat Boutique)

• Weekly dancing in the dark party – No Lights No Lycra – in the Daily News

• On The Elm, new restauarant in King and Grove Hotel, “the Elm, with its emphasis on complex, precisely composed dishes, seems more like the geeky smart kid cocky in the knowledge that his S.A.T. scores precede him. (New Yorker)

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IS318 Wins!, Sgt. William Dougherty Park To Close, Levin vs. Pierson, Free Events, Exorcise Pool, Greenpoint Hotel – The Hook-Up: 8/5

Artwork by Tamara Garvey

• Hurray! IS318 “The Brooklyn Castle” Chess Team reached their goal of raising $67,785! That doesn’t mean you can’t still make a donation!

• Did you know Greenpoint has a park called Sgt. William Dougherty Park? It’s right by the BQE on Meeker and Vandervoort Ave. Don’t get too attached, it will be closed for four years while the Kosciusko Bridge gets a major facelift (Brooklyn Paper)

• Watch out Levin, Pierson is talking nice to pedestrians and bikers. “Stephen Pierson, who is running against incumbent Stephen Levin (D-Greenpoint-Williamsburg) in the Sept. 10 Democratic Primary for the seat in the 33rd Council District, has released a nine-point transportation plan he said will improve public safety” (Brooklyn Eagle)

• If you can stand to venture out of Greenpoint, here are 18 Free Things to Do This Week in Brooklyn (Brokelyn)

• Would you swim in a pool that uses water diverted from the Newtown Creek? The future (theoretically) is the Exorcise Pool… (DNAinfo)

• “Residents of the Greenpoint Hotel are fed up with their landlord and want him fined and arrested. Tenants rallied Wednesday outside the Brooklyn Housing Court to demand a safer living environment.” (Greenpoint Gazette)

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Greenpointers Weird On Tumblr: Sunday Occult Candles Gif

Gosh there are just way too many social media outlets, right? That being said they all serve very different purposes and as an online business owner the best way to have a far reach on your potential audience is to have a presence where those users are.

For Greenpointers we are heavy hitters on our facebook. It drives a huge amount of traffic to the website and it’s also where you can find some rich anti-“yuppy” sentiment. (For real, people still use that term.) And going off original blog owner Justine’s recommendation – the H bomb is still blocked.)  Facebook is also great resource for local happenings and serves as the website for many Greenpoint businesses – which I believe is totally acceptable if your goal is to get customers in your door and not necessarily to drive traffic to your website.

It took a while to get used to Twitter, but it’s a great real-time news source from people experiencing situations first hand and it’s also where lots of followers give us great tips and boss us around, which is much appreciated. “Write about this…” “Go eat here…” “Look at this…” It’s also a good place where you can “get the attention” of bigger news outlets (ahem New York Times) which usually means you tip them off (ahem Killer Mockingbirds) and they pay a real journalist to cover the story and do a better and more in depth write-up. Then every other blog picks it up and there is not one link back to the original source – us! (I’m just a little bitter about that one. Just a link is all I’m asking for! The decency of a simple link!)

By far Instagram is my baby. Not only can I in real-time share images from my vantage point in Greenpoint, but even better I can see through everyone else’s eyes. A reader recognized me in Met Food once because of a photo I had shared of the amazing nail job I got at Ria’s Nailz. And I’m not so sad now that Vine doesn’t work on my phone because Instagram has that covered. Instagram is my phone’s g-spot.

I have only more recently become obsessed with Tumblr because (surprisingly) I have two other blogs there: JenniferGalatioto.Tumblr.Com (abstract / urban landscape photography, etc) and MorningRidgewood.Tumblr.Com (a photo blog that was a compromise between my personal life – aka Jon, the cats and my sanity – and my crazy blogger self. It’s JUST a photo blog – just a photo blog.

I like Tumblr because there is an “anything goes” “get weird” vibe. A younger crowd with more bold and higher quality visuals abound, and it’s a great excuse for anyone who wants to happen upon “artsy bordering on lewd” porn nudes in their dining room while there partner cooks dinner. “It’s not like I was looking for porn, but there is it! Look at that!” There are no rules, but you do have the option to block adult content. And it’s meant for content regurgitation.

This occult candle gift, which I shot in an occult bookstore in Bushwick called Catland – just seemed right on Greenpointers.Tumblr 

See you on Tumblr!

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Bill Murray, Healthcare, Governors Island Mall?, DIY Networking, Rooftop Camping: The Hook-Up – 7/28

Summer Sunset at Bushwick Inlet

• Yes way! Bill Murray was at Briskettown! (Free Williamsburg)

• All you need to know about Low Cost Healthcare For Freelancers & Artists (Bushwick Daily)

•  Rezoning is paving the way for retail on Governors Island (Curbed NY)

• Brooklyn Based pays a visit to Greenpoint’s The Perfect Nothing Catalog 

• It isn’t just graphs and maps, understanding urban existence requires observation of social behavior (GOOD)

• Great advice on throwing an awesome DIY Networking Party (Brooklyn Based)

• New Brooklyn Commmunity Talk Show Broadcasting From McCarren Park: Bittersweet (Greenpoint Gazette)

• If this isn’t DieHipster fodder, I don’t know what is! Camp in rooftop tents in Williamsburg (Brooklyn Paper)

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Name Nassau & Greenpoint Ave G Stops, Smallest Wiener, Inside the Lift, Bushwick Shooting: The Hook-Up (7/22)

Machito at [email protected]

• Cringeworthy: MTA is talking about selling subway station names to corporations, but the names would be “accurate and help orient customers as they navigate the MTA network,” like Macy’s 34th St – to shopping of course. What would they call the G Nassaue & Greenpoint Ave stops? Polonia Nassau? The Garden G?

• This happened: Smallest Dick Contest (via Brokelyn)

• “The Peranza is an all-for-one effort, in which the common goal of moving the Giglio subsumes all class distinctions.” Inside the Giglio Lift (Greenline)

• They don’t have it for the G (not surprising) but a website predicts temps on L train platform during the recent heat wave (Bushwick Daily)

• Flickr is cool again with photo generated maps. If I remembered my password I’d login and show you a #Greenpoint map… (Animal)

5 shot in Bushwick on Saturday (ABCLocal)

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Open Fire Hydrants, Luksus, The Elm, No G, Flag Burning, McCarren Pool Arrests: The Hook-Up (7/13)

• It’s Rental Season, 5 Things to Look Out For In Your Lease (Brokelyn)

• Riding through a fire hydrant on your bike in the heat is fun, right? 10 Things You Should Know About Open Fire Hydrants (Bushwick Daily)

• New Greenpoint Restaurant Luksus Reviewed By Grub Street

• Got A Greenpoint Restaurant? Inspection Reform That Might Not Suck (Greenpoint Gazette)

• New Restaurant: The Elm Coming To King & Grove (Free Williamsburg via Du Jour)

No G Train? No Problem (Brokelyn)

Flag Burner is a Greenpointer (Gothamist)

• Not Surprising, Teens Arrested At McCarren Park Pool (Brooklyn Paper)

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Berry Hill, Edible Plants, Silent Drape Runners Mix, Alligators, Bike Patrol, Art Show at Pumps – The Hook-Up (6/29)

Map Lauren Carol Smith on Bedford & Bowery

• In what Bedford & Bowery call “Berry Hill” North Brooklynites clad in polos and khakis are giving the area a Manhattan feel.

• Locavores, foragers and jammers take heed, there is a map of all urban plants that are edible! (Via Animal)

• Nationally, it’s getting better to get gay married, now we need to get the rest of the 37 homophone states on board. (NY Times)

Alligator parts found in Williamsburg (FreeWilliamsburg)

• Bushwick Daily reports on an art show at Pumps – our local titty bar.

• Watch out Citibike users… more tickets for cyclists in Brooklyn (Gothamist)

• As they bid farewell, Silent Drape Runners releases a digital mix tape (Brooklyn Based)

Brooklyn Bike Patrol will be back and needs volunteers! (Brokelyn)

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Art Rundown, “Artisanal” Subway Newstand, Citibike in Greenpoint, Happy Greenpoint: The Hook-up (6/22)

All you need to know about art in (mostly North) Brooklyn according to The L Mag

The hipster “invasion” has gone under ground with an artisanal newstand in the subway (Gothamist)

• Since the G won’t be running a bunch of weekends during the summer, MTA may fork over the dough for Citibike in Greenpoint (Daily News)

• Art about why you don’t make art (Hyperallergic)

Bushwick Restaurant Week Picks by Brooklyn Based – Thru Today (6/22)

• Obviously Greenpoint rates the happiest in this NYC Mood Chart (the Atlantic Cities)

Amazon may be moving to Kent Ave (Gawker)

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