While Greenpoint is generally awesome all the time, we also have our worst moments.

• Worst Political Outcome: Lincoln Vs. Olechowski
“Chris Olechowski has taken Lincoln Restler’s place as State Committeeman for the 50th Assembly District for the Democratic Party in Brooklyn…” Jen

• Worst Idea for the Environment: Fracking
“Aside from the health risks that fracking poses to people living in drilling areas, the chemicals used in fracking (lead, uranium, ethylene glycol, radium, methanol, hydrochloric acid, formaldehyde) may contaminate our water supply.” – Jen

• Worst Culture Clash: Hipster Bashing
“I naturally began feeling pretty guilty whenever I walked down my street or whenever I worked my beat because of course I look nothing like the original culture of the neighborhood.” Stephanie K

• Worst Day For Newtown Creek: Sandy’s Toxic Shit Storm
“The creek is overflowing and sewage is being released into the waterway, according to Stephen Levin. How will the toxic nature of the waterway affect local residents? And what is the city doing about it?” – Jen


• Worst PR Scam: Ethel’s Brew
“No matter how great a marketing campaign, unless I get a real response from a real person and I try real product then, I won’t waste my time on a review.” – Jen

• Worst Street: McGuinness Blvd
“Crossing McGuinness Blvd. can often be a near death experience and for some deadly. A speed survey confirmed that speeding cars are out of control with over 66% of cars going over the speed limit with accidents averaging at over one per month involving mostly cars and pedestrians.” – Jen

• Worst Blunder: Boomberg’s McClarren Park
“The mayor mispronounced it as “McClarren” and then said: “Today we’re going to make some waves in Williamsburg!” Greenpointers had a problem with that and corrected him on both fumbles. Na doy, everyone knows that McCarren Park is in Greenpoint, Mayor Boomberg. 11222!” – Jen

• Worst Pervert: Peeping (and masturbating) Tom

“There have been several reports of a prowler/peeping Tom on Humboldt Street between Nassau and Norman. It might even go beyond the one block. The latest incident was on Friday but there have been multiple cases of a man looking into windows. ” – Anonymous

• Worst Customer: Steals Notes From Paulie Gee
“Paulie is seriously heartbroken and wants them returned. Any information leading to the safe return of those precious notes would be greatly appreciated.” – Jen

• Worst Pet Moment: Myrtle Is Lost

• Worst Closing: Veronica People’s Club
“The reality is: VPC’s party is over. Not only was it a great bar, with great cocktails and an awesome staff and crowd, but they supported the community, especially the art and food community…” – Jen

• Worst Editor’s Moment: Calling Readers Nazis
“Hitler hated artists, too. Entartete Kunst! This is the term he used to describe Modern art during his regime, which translates to “degenerate art.“ Slow down, I am not calling these ladies Nazis, just bigots.” – Jen

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  1. Lincoln isn’t the reformist saint some of you ignorant young brooklyners seem to think he is. I’ve seen first hand on numerous occasions: he’s a two-faced narcissist. Don’t mistake charm for sincerity.

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