It is possible to control yourself, make good choices and not feel like total crap after this year’s big Thanksgiving feast. Trust me! Follow these 5 steps and you will have room for dessert.

1. Eat Breakfast; Lose The Bloat

Don’t starve yourself in anticipation of the feast to come, otherwise you will overeat. If you eat a breakfast of protein and potassium, you will feel fuller longer and won’t eat as much.

2. Take Control Of Your Food & Your Attitude

I don’t do daily affirmations, I just watch Jessica’s Daily Affirmations, a 4 year old with the best attitude in the world. But I make the exception on turkey day. At my house, we eat lasagna before the main event, so I give myself a pep talk before the fight starts: “I love my body and I want to treat it with respect, therefore I will not overeat at this meal and take satisfaction in nourishing my body.” More affirmations to help you not overeat.


3. Size Up Yourself & Your Plate & Pack Leftovers Before You Eat

Look at your plate and size it up against your body. I often do this before I inhale a giant burrito. I pick up the burrito and hold it near my belly and think, “that sure doesn’t look like it’s all going to fit in there,” then I cut it in half and save the rest – usually. This techniques helps you think about portions in a visual way. Before you dig in – pack half the plate into a leftovers tin. Don’t worry, your boyfriend’s parents already think you are weird. Eating the meal on a smaller plate also helps. And serve yourself. My Nonna wants me to be fat and her lasagna squares prove that.

4. Spice it Up! 

While hot sauce and spicy foods may increase your metabolism only negligibly, they do increase your feeling of satiety. If you can handle the heat, kick up your Thanksgiving dinner with some hot sauce. Try Mike’s Hot Honey on your roasted veggies.

5. Eat Slowly & Quit The Clean Plate Club 

I am a fast eater. It’s probably a New York thing. When friends eat slowly around me I get anxious, “Come on already!” But I really should follow their example. Pace yourself. The slower you eat, the less you have eaten before you brain says, “okay I’m full.” This way you can enjoy and savor each bite. Many of us were taught to eat visually and you are full when your plate is empty. Rewire you brain to listen to your stomach for cues of satiety.

All this and I am still going to pack the antacid, just in case!

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