For over two years now Milk and Roses, (1110 Manhattan Ave) in Greenpoint has been the go to place for the perfect cappuccino and croissant. Now Milk has the pleasure to announce an entire new side, with the able hand of Chef Chance Jones. Jones has created an authentic southern Italian menu, featuring cheese and cured meat platters, insalate, braised meats and pasta.

Milk is especially excited about Agnello in Agro, a braised leg of lamb with cacao, egg, lemon and a warm carrot puree. Another chilly day favorite are the braised short ribs served over polenta, rucola and lemon. The pastas include Cacio e Pepe and Genovese, served daily, plus a featured different special pasta every night.

But do not worry – they still have your favorites for lunch and brunch!

Keep Milk and Roses in mind when booking your next special event, wedding or film shoot. The handsome interior also functions as a full-service event space!


Sponsored post courtesy of Milk & Roses.


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  1. Dear Milk & Roses Management:

    I enjoy your establishment, I really do. The decor, the menu, the overall je ne sais quoi of the place. Congratulations. You’ve done a fine job.

    That being said, in the past when I have visited your bistro, you did not offer regular coffee, but instead suggested the far inferior option “Cafe Americana.” You’re not the first coffee house to try and pull this little trick on me, and I’ll have you know I am not a rube!

    As you well know, nobody likes to drink watered-down espresso while being told it’s coffee. Furthermore, there’s no reason a customer should have to surrender the option of a decent cup of coffee just because they thought “this place looks interesting.”

    Listen, by all means, go ahead and offer Cafe Americana — AS WELL AS — regular brewed coffee . This way, if people want it, it remains an option; but they won’t. I understand that you want to foster a sophisticated, “old world” charm in your business, but we all know you’re in the United States, not Europe; we all know it’s easy enough to brew a pot of coffee here. Not doing so comes directly across to the customer as snobbery, and it’s not even the particularly impressive brand of snobbery either. It reads as something the Nouveau Riche might petulantly insist upon simply because they know no better. In summation, should this lack of an option ensue in your establishment, on my future visits I’m afraid I shall have to resort to ridicule and snide remarks at your expense.

    I understand this may seem sophomoric, but try to understand: I do indeed enjoy my coffee, and I get cranky when I’ve been denied it.

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