Pie Corps To Open in Greenpoint Near McGolrick Park October 16!

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Eastern Greenpoint is starting to get its share of good stuff lately and Pie Corps is the latest addition. Pie Corps is set to open their café on October 16th! They will not only sell their delicious homemade hand pies, mason jar pies and galettes but will include soups, pickled veggies, coffee and other homemade beverages.

Friends Cheryl Perry; a chef & former Natural Gourmet instructor for 20 years and former acupuncturist Felipa Lopez who connected over a shared love of artisanal foods started Pie Corp in May 2011. They decided on pie for its ability to cater to both sweet and savory as well as its ability evoke endless creative combinations. With pies like sweet potato-fennel-parmesan or pumpkin-maple-bourbon, it’s easy to see what Perry means.

The duo started selling their pies upstate before joining the New Amsterdam market and other markets around the city. Perry and Lopez decided on Greenpoint to open their retail store because they see Pie Corps as a great fit for Greenpointers: they’re hip, tend to be foodies and appreciate good quality food. Pie Corps proximity to McGolrick Park and PS 110 is a real treat – the store will provide a portable lunch or snack for hungry children or people headed to the park.

Pie Corps also does catering and special events. When speaking of a recent order for a child’s birthday party which were animal shapes hand pies, Perry said “If you can make pie out of it, we make it!’

Read a past Greenpointers’ interview with PieCorps.

Pie Corps
77 Driggs (btw Monitor and Kingsland)
Opening October 16th, 2012
M-F: 7:30 am – 8:00 pm
Sat: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sun: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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Jessica Glorieux lives in Greenpoint with her husband Nicolas and 2 toddlers. She runs Motherburg NYC -the neighborhood parenting resource for anything with kids from 0-5. In her spare time she volunteers for Town Square, the McCarren Tennis Association as well as writes for motherburg.com. She’s been trying to start a local food coop and often has to walk on the other side of Manhattan Ave to avoid walking by Peter Pan due to her inability to eat just one.


  1. MC says:

    SO EXCITED! A day before my birthday! ✿

  2. msc says:

    i was so excited to try one of the pies…except when i went in they were out of, you know, PIES…

    at 10:00 in the morning. NO pie in a pie shop. good luck guys.

    • Jen G says:

      that’s probably a good thing! opening a storefront is a learning curve. they now no their pies are hot items and they will make more. give them a break. opening a business like that is hard!

  3. Marie says:

    We’re coming to eat and buy all the way from LONG ISLAND!!
    I can’t wait to try a pie pop and the one also made with chicken.


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