The best kind of shopping you can do for fall is local shopping. Greenpointers Fall Outerwear Guide will help you stay cozy on brisk walks to the Farmers Market or breezy rides on the East River Ferry.

Ladies first: In God We Trust’s Blue Check Caper Trench ($200) is perfect cinched over a bright mini-skirt and wool leggings. Dalaga’s In-vested In Myself Coat ($135) looks dynamite over a silky blouse and you won’t get lost in the fall foliage. Fanaberie’s Vintage Inspired Trench Coat ($59) is adorable over skinny jeans and high boots.

Cato’s Army Navy Fall Coat ($189) is a warm and rugged, an essential to throw on over a pair of jeans and your favorite boots. Alter’s Shades of Grey Montana Coat ($299) is a vintage inspired jacket that combines military with workwear, perfect for looking good while dining out. Old Hollywood’s Amongst Friends Fishtail Parka ($170) is made of heavily washed soft cotton twill that will keep you extra comfortable for a stroll in the park.

Have you taken out your cold weather clothes yet or are you still hanging on for an Indian summer?

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