Julian Lynch (Photo by Spencer Wells)

In a desolate area under the Williamsburg Bridge, a show at 285 Kent brought the neighborhood out on Saturday night despite warnings of the derocho, or as some sources chose to report, “The Storm That Might Destroy New York City.” But inside the warehouse, beyond the rain and clouds of cigarette smoke, a wormhole of industrial noise and psychedelic guitars could be heard.

The show opened with Pak, a noise-heavy artist with pop undertones. Playing a short set, they prepared the audience for Ian Drennan (Big Troubles, Ducktails), a new but not unfamiliar act on the Greenpoint-based Underwater Peoples label set to release his debut album “The Wonderful World” in September. Drennan played a thought provoking set of industrial noise leaning towards electronic pop. Textured, looming beats echoed through the warehouse until things quieted down and Drennan picked up his clarinet, inviting headliner Julian Lynch to do the same. What followed was an inundating wave of roving clarinets before Drennan graced the mic, bringing a more melodic side to things.

As more Budweisers were cracked open and a heavier crowd arrived, Ducktails made their way to the stage, an act led by fellow Greenpointer Matt Mondanile (Real Estate). The band shared a mix of old tunes and new jams from their upcoming full-length to a dancing crowd who knew what they were in for. Sometimes a pop song and a Budweiser is all you need on a Saturday night.

Around midnight Julian Lynch took the stage, but this time adorning a guitar and microphone. Playing with members of Family Portrait and Big Troubles, Lynch performed his psychedelic songs with those signature fuzzed out guitar solos. Perhaps the most intimate moment of the night came when the band lovingly performed a distorted and feedback-laden version of “Happy Birthday” to three friends in the crowd. Though Lynch’s music always evades characterization, one could hear a wide range of influences for a fairly short set.

Though Lynch plays the Brooklyn area only a few times a year, the rest of these artists can be found throughout Brooklyn and the other boroughs more often. This is an exciting time for these bands, and one can expect to hear more from them in the coming months. Be sure to check out the next Ducktails show in McCarenPark, where they’ll be performing on August 15th as part of the Summerscreen series.


And support 285 Kent. Always support 285 Kent.

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