Climbing past the second floor landing of my building, the smell of delicious food is torturous. Bacon. Zucchini. Jalapeños. None for me though. The first room (and smell) that greets me when I enter my place is the bathroom.

Turns out that housemate Matt is a chef. A few days ago a bright orange menu was slipped under the door that read Lake Trout in sharpie marker. After an all day hot dog binge, a Cheese Fish Sandwich seemed like a great idea.
We walked to Williamsburg’s South Side to this new “Baltimore Style” Fried Fish Joint. Huge blow-ups of 70s era Baltimore Oriole baseball cards lined the walls and we spotted Chef Matt Lang in his kitchen glory.
The menu is simple, a handful of items and as the woman at the counter explained, “everything is fried.”
Sounds perfect.
My Cheese Fish Sandwich was the deal breaker. Perfectly fried fish square, topped with sweet creamy sauce, crisp lettuce and fresh tomato on a soft bun. I still remember how it tastes. This is one of those meals that I will crave.
The side of slaw, with bits of feta cheese was a great side and the seasoned and deep fried corn – enough said.
Jon got the Lake Trout, which the NY Times explains explains  “is the dish that working-class Baltimore craves, tucked into a brown paper bag and eaten on the go.” A taste and you understand why. The fish is fried perfectly, it’s crunchy and crisp and served with straight up white bread.
Lake Trout isn’t reaching far and wide to be anything other than what it is. “You want some Goddamn good fried fish? Well here it is. And you’ll like it.” This is the dialogue I imagine going on in Matt’s brain while he is battering shrimp. He doesn’t even talk like that, but his new restuarant delivers. I will be back to try everything else on the menu. I am particularly looking forward to the Western Fries, the wings and the shrimps.

Lake Trout
160 Havemeyer St
(718) 782 – FISH

Closed Mondays

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