Soup? In this heat? Bear with me. Making hot soup or anything on the stove in this weather blows! But if you’re sitting in a freezing cold office building in Midtown right now you might really enjoy a nourishing bowl of soup rather than going out into the blistering sun and paying $20 for a crappy salad that was probably grown in California.

Nicole Chaszar is the Greenpointer behind a one year old soupery called Sea Bean Goods. She prepares her locally sourced creations out of Paulie Gee’s kitchen, where they appear daily on the menu and you can buy pints to go at Eastern District.

Sea Bean Goods is now available as a subscription service delivered to your door weekly. Nicole visited Greenpointers HQ to give us a taste. Aside from being a soup genius, this girl is a doll and a hard-working self-starter.

After juggling a full-time job at WIRED and night school at the French Culinary Institute, Nicole apprenticed at Fatty ‘Cue and EAT where she experienced “polar opposite culinary experiences,” with similar efforts to “support local culture and agriculture systems.” With the realization that she did not want to work in restaurants but rather fill that “eating healthy gap” she started her soup company.

You know the routine. After a weekend of drinking and eating out, you want to eat healthy, bring lunch to work, but your kale from your CSA share is rotting, you can’t stand the idea of eating out again (nor can your wallet) and the idea of cooking is very abstract.


Nicole can help. She can do all the legwork for you and deliver healthy simple and easy, right to your door. You can bring it to work to quell your teeth chattering while your reading this blog or have it waiting for you when you get home.

We sampled Chilled Strawberry and Spicy Sweet Potato, which would have been amazing chilled as well. Both soups championed the main ingredient, but had subtle hints of fresh herbs, like mint and cilantro in the strawberry and leek and thyme in the sweet potato. Not only were they delicious, but they tasted good for you, like good soup should.

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