The Northside Festival this weekend proved that the underground DIY scene is where the  party is at in Brooklyn. While at Muchmore on Thursday, I found out Gunfight! would be playing an unofficial show at Big Snow Buffalo Lodge. I am officially obsessed with this band and this venue.

I’d seen Gunfight! for the first time at Paper Garden Records’ Multiverse Playground III, where I was hooked instantly on super fast garage country rock. Then a great show at Fort Useless!, another Bushwick apartment-style venue.

It may be the intimacy of venues, the laid back crowd, the cheap ass beer or the tight line-ups, but the DIY scene rules because it doesn’t feel like a scene, it just feels like people enjoying great new music. And the bands don’t suck. And the bouncers are pretty nice, too.

When we rode up to the spot at 89 Varet, we looked confused because the awning said Good Time Party Hall, but the bouncer saw us hipster bikers and yelled out to us, “This is the place!”

This guy: Edwin Walker does security at Big Snow Buffalo lodge like a professional, because he is a professional, a retired Bronx police officer. He was on top of his game, polite and loved making sure everyone was safe and happy. Owner, Yoni, knew from the beginning Edwin would do security. He is the guy, who said, “I can hold my own.”


Backwords and The Starlight Girls kicked ass then Gunfight! went on and as always got everyone dancing around and singing along. The show is as lively as Gogol Bordello – just replace drunk gypsies with drunk country Brooklyn hipster dudes.

Someone once told me that good lyrics are sentences you can finish, like their song Sticks, about a dude who’s girlfriend only likes him when he drunk. Can you relate? Or the crowd requested Broke With Holes, with lyrics you know halfway through the song, “You remind me of the road that I heard can take me home. You remind me of the road that I heard can save my soul, but who who who who who can afford the gas?”  You think it’s all fun and games until the guitar player does a crazy solo and realize these guys have major talent.

While we were outside we spoke to Rich, Gunfight!’s drummer. What a surprise he lives right around the block in Greenpoint and their practice space is over on Franklin. Only the best from this amazing neighborhood.

Check out Gunfight! on August 4th a Bar Matchless (557 Manhattan Ave.)

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