In the end Gunfight! wins

The Northside Festival this weekend proved that the underground DIY scene is where the  party is at in Brooklyn. While at Muchmore on Thursday, I found out Gunfight! would be playing an unofficial show at Big Snow Buffalo Lodge. I am officially obsessed with this band and this venue.

I’d seen Gunfight! for the first time at Paper Garden Records’ Multiverse Playground III, where I was hooked instantly on super fast garage country rock. Then a great show at Fort Useless!, another Bushwick apartment-style venue.

It may be the intimacy of venues, the laid back crowd, the cheap ass beer or the tight line-ups, but the DIY scene rules because it doesn’t feel like a scene, it just feels like people enjoying great new music. And the bands don’t suck. And the bouncers are pretty nice, too. Continue reading

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