I am not going out of town this weekend (even though I need to get out of this sweaty city!) so I can be here for this awesome day, the first day of the first season of the McGolrick Park Farmers Market. And it’s every Sunday until November! I feel so lucky that I can walk around the corner from my home and find fresh local fruits and vegetables, and lots of other delicious goodies. Greenpoint just got awesomer. Check out the vendor list, here. See you there!

McGolrick Park Farmers Market
Sundays 11am-4pm
Russell St Between Driggs & Nassau

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  1. I was so excited that Greenpoint finally for a farmers market — until one of the vendors smashed the right side mirror of my car that was parked there and refused to take responsibility for it. It was clearly an accident but the set up-space is narrow and the vendors need to be both more careful and respectful. Just a warning for Greenpointets not to park there on Sundays and a message to the vendors to be better neighborhood citizens.

  2. Sorry to hear about your mirror. That sucks. I wish they’d just shut off the street or make it no parking on Sundays. It’s not safe for the market people either. They’ll shut down a dozen blocks for filming, but not for something that locals actually care about.

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