You might just walk by Jennifer Day Spa on Nassau near Manhattan, but after Blue Angel Day Spa, which has an internet cafe, an espresso machine and a juice bar turned me do saying they were booked all weekend, I carried on and was happy to discover this hidden gem.
It isn’t your regular mani-pedi joint, they have a lot of other services, and rather than blaring lights and rows of nail technicians with those amazing painted claw posters, it was quiet and calming with a couch facing a mantle with a big TV overhead. Calming at first.
Sara greeted me, the sweetest older lady. She was trying to give me color choice advise, “Birght color, bright weather!” My indecision annoyed her, but her frustration was adorable. “Whatever color you want. This pink or that pink. Whatever color you want.”
She began by giving me a really great pedicure with a strange interrogation light hanging above us. The experience would have been relaxing had the television not been playing episode of Animal Cops. After she saw me crying she got upset too and said “Animals give people happiness, the don’t ask anything.”
Have you tried a gel manicure? Sara was all over it, saying it lasts two weeks. But at $25 just for the manicure I passed.
The manicure she gave me was very nice. The whole package is on the higher priced end for the area, at $25 for a manicure and pedicure, but the place was lovely, quiet and very clean.
Who is Jennifer? I asked.
“That’s Jennifer” said pointing to little sleeping creepily breathing stuffed dog curled in the corner.
I will definitely be back.

Cleanliness: 5/5
Friendliness: 5/5
Quality of mani/ped: 4/5
Value: 3/5
Local Banter: 3/5
Variety of colors: 3/5
Bonus Massage: 2 bonus points – 0/2

No razor was offered.

23/32 points

Jennifer Day Spa
99 Nassau Ave


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    1. Well I am rather boring with my nail choice. And everyone is getting nail art done. Plus, it seems weird to put photos of my fingernails up. But I will! I wouldn’t want to gross anyone out! LOL! Thanks for writing Mary!

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