Thanksgiving Film plus Reggie Watts Rooftop Films Tonight 7/3 and Bad Brains Film at Nighthawk 7/8

It’s been a little while since I’ve had a chance to post, but I’m coming back to you with some music & film events taking place over the next few days. And as a bonus, I have a live performance video shot on location in North Brooklyn.

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Last Stop (for now): HQ Nails

This is my final nail report for a while. Man, it’s expensive, especially with the gel habit I developed. Plus I want to “air” them out, let them breathe. My last stop before our amazing trip to Florida was H&Q on Manhattan Ave where I got my Florida Sunrise Nails.

By this point, I was pretty picky with my nail selections, and by picky I mean outrageous. My thinking is if gel is going to last for two weeks then I am going to make it count. I think I was heavily influenced by a stack of belts I photographed at work color wise for this set. (Belts inspire me? I think I need to career make-over.) Continue reading

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Nails Did: Lilysa Nails

Finding the next nail spa for my mani-pedi tour is as easy as taking a stroll down Manhattan Ave. There are two for every block. It was on the early side, before 10am and I walked by the place where I lost my gel manicure virginity. I saw her; Helen at Green Point Nails, Inc. She was cleaning and I wanted her – to do my gel nails proper, but I have a commitment to my nail readers. So I moved on.

I found Lilysa Nails. It was empty, but the lady in charge seemed out of sorts. It’s a new nail joint, clean and lacking in amazing nail posters; they did have a strange hand mannequin. Continue reading

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Oh no! You’re too late for this Groupon: Latika Nail Spa

Have you noticed the fancy new nail salon on Franklin St called Latika Spa? It is my latest stop on the Greenpointers Mani-Pedi Tour. Don’t roll your eyes. Ladies need to know.

I am on a gel bender but I wished I’d started my habit after Latika Spa, because it is considerably more expensive than the other nails salons I’ve been to in Greenpoint.

It is also considerably nicer, more of a nail/spa hybrid than a straight up nail joint. They have loads of other services, like massage and facials. While there, a few ladies came in with a print out for savings. I felt left out.

“What’s that, I asked?”
My nail tech Kim, said, “Coupon. After.”

I thought maybe I could download the groupon online, but it had expired. They also didn’t have a mani-pedi special, which I think is key, but Latika, who is the owner, promised they would start summer specials the following week.

The ladies who work there are all dolls. One voluntarily scraped gum off the bottom of my sandal because I was got stuck to the tile floor. Gosh, I have never felt like such a d-bag. (Okay that’s a lie.)

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So Addicted: Gel Nails (Not for Worried Upper West Side Jewish Ladies)

Right next to White Dream, the storefront on Manhattan Ave that gives me the giggles every time, is another awning that simply says Nails. I walked in and knew this was the place where I would do it: the infamous and controversial gel manicure.

A manicure that lasts for two weeks and doesn’t chip? Sound too good to be true? Lots of ladies rave about it. Others are concerned it’s bad for your nails and your health. When I asked my platonic wife Julie to take the plunge with me, here is what she said:

Jules: I totally want, but we (the Jewish mother convention on the Upper West Side) had a long table discussion about it’s many pitfalls and now I’m scared.
Jen: Share!
Jules: They strip your nails and take forever to recover! As in never the same again. The UV light causes cancer! One woman went to the hospital with 2nd degree burns…All together “not worth it” was the consensus.
Jen: That sounds like an overreaction!
Jules: We’re Jewish!

Fair enough. Every girl needs a Jewish mom to worry about their health and nail safety. But they look so glossy and perfect!

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Nails Did: Black Pearl

Huevos RancherosAfter a delicious Cinco De Mayo brunch at Papacitos, with some stand-out huevos rancheros and a spicy Bloody Maria, I headed over to Ria Nailz, with my new friend who is visiting from Japan. Ria is renowned for her amazing nail art, which would cost up to $100 in Japan. Ria is a popular lady and she was booked solid, not surprising on a Saturday, but she was a total sweetheart about it.

Just got dissed at Ria Nailz - no time for GreenpointersJokingly I put this photo on the Tumblr and said, “dissed by Ria, she’s too busy for Greenpointers.” I was only kidding! Ria didn’t think it was very funny and wrote a perturbed response on her website that said: “I am no tumblr gangster nor do I want to start trouble in any way but greenpoint is MY home I’ve lived here since I was 2yrs old and for a greenpointer to say I dissed them and I have no time for greenpointers is (excuse my language) fucked up … If the person that posted this felt dissed then I apologize but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t rude or a bitch about letting you know I was booked up.”
God I love Ria even more now! She has strong values and doesn’t take shit from anybody. A true Brooklyn badass. Why am I always running my mouth? Luckily, she gave me an appointment for this Saturday and I hope she can forgive me. I would hate to be banished from Ria’s forever!

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Nails Did: Jennifer Day Spa

Jennifer Day Spa #brooklyn #nails #greenpointYou might just walk by Jennifer Day Spa on Nassau near Manhattan, but after Blue Angel Day Spa, which has an internet cafe, an espresso machine and a juice bar turned me do saying they were booked all weekend, I carried on and was happy to discover this hidden gem.
Sara from Jennifer Day Spa - #nails #greenpoint #brooklynIt isn’t your regular mani-pedi joint, they have a lot of other services, and rather than blaring lights and rows of nail technicians with those amazing painted claw posters, it was quiet and calming with a couch facing a mantle with a big TV overhead. Calming at first.
Sara greeted me, the sweetest older lady. She was trying to give me color choice advise, “Birght color, bright weather!” My indecision annoyed her, but her frustration was adorable. “Whatever color you want. This pink or that pink. Whatever color you want.”
Jennifer Day Spa #brooklyn #greenpoint #nailsShe began by giving me a really great pedicure with a strange interrogation light hanging above us. The experience would have been relaxing had the television not been playing episode of Animal Cops. After she saw me crying she got upset too and said “Animals give people happiness, the don’t ask anything.”
Have you tried a gel manicure? Sara was all over it, saying it lasts two weeks. But at $25 just for the manicure I passed.
The manicure she gave me was very nice. The whole package is on the higher priced end for the area, at $25 for a manicure and pedicure, but the place was lovely, quiet and very clean.
Who is Jennifer? I asked.
“That’s Jennifer” said pointing to little sleeping creepily breathing stuffed dog curled in the corner.
I will definitely be back.

Cleanliness: 5/5
Friendliness: 5/5
Quality of mani/ped: 4/5
Value: 3/5
Local Banter: 3/5
Variety of colors: 3/5
Bonus Massage: 2 bonus points – 0/2

No razor was offered.

23/32 points

Jennifer Day Spa
99 Nassau Ave

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Nails Did: Marvelous Nails

Ladies, the warm weather is here and soon you’ll be breaking out the strappy sandals and peep toe shoes. That means getting your mani/pedis did at your local nail salon.

Someone once told me they know I’m from Queens because I am aware of where ALL the nails salons are in the hood. There are almost as many nail salons in Greenpoint as there are liquor stores!

What is important to you? Secret razor society? Location? Price? Cleanliness? Color Variety? Friendliness?


Greenpointers is going on a Nail Salon Tour of Greenpoint and scoring each location based on the following guidelines:

Cleanliness: 0/5
Friendliness: 0/5
Quality of mani/ped: 0/5
Value: 0/5
Local Banter: 0/5
Variety of colors: 0/5
Bonus Massage: 2 bonus points

I started out at my usual spot: Marvelous Nails on Manhattan Ave. At $18, it’s a pretty great deal for a mani-pedi. The nail techs are really nice. And the local banter is priceless. Whether teenagers are getting ready for prom or Grandmas are price shopping for paper towels, I don’t need to read the gossip magazines to keep entertained.

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