Ladies, the warm weather is here and soon you’ll be breaking out the strappy sandals and peep toe shoes. That means getting your mani/pedis did at your local nail salon.

Someone once told me they know I’m from Queens because I am aware of where ALL the nails salons are in the hood. There are almost as many nail salons in Greenpoint as there are liquor stores!

What is important to you? Secret razor society? Location? Price? Cleanliness? Color Variety? Friendliness?


Greenpointers is going on a Nail Salon Tour of Greenpoint and scoring each location based on the following guidelines:


Cleanliness: 0/5
Friendliness: 0/5
Quality of mani/ped: 0/5
Value: 0/5
Local Banter: 0/5
Variety of colors: 0/5
Bonus Massage: 2 bonus points

I started out at my usual spot: Marvelous Nails on Manhattan Ave. At $18, it’s a pretty great deal for a mani-pedi. The nail techs are really nice. And the local banter is priceless. Whether teenagers are getting ready for prom or Grandmas are price shopping for paper towels, I don’t need to read the gossip magazines to keep entertained.

Roz at Marvelous Nails

That day customer Roz was in the house. She was at torn because her daughter had been complaining that her nails are too long and brightly colored. Her nail tech remarked: “you tell her, these are my nails, not yours!”
That day she picked a light pink but made sure to get a top coat of colored sparkles along with a big silver R on each ring finger. Hanging out with Greenpointers like Roz is worth $18, without the mani/pedi.
If you’re a cheap, shameless eavesdropper like me, then Marvelous Nails is your spot, but if you’re germaphobic or want your nail salon to feel like a glamourous spa, this isn’t the place for you. Marvelous Nails is a little crusty. That being said, I love crusty things, pizza, bread, the planet earth! I don’t think you’re going to catch a nasty disease; they sanitize their instruments and clean the tub out after each pedicure, but they don’t offer personal kits to regulars and the entire place is a little run down and could use a fresh paint job, ironically.
That being said, the nail techs are lovely, friendly and fast and do a good job that lasts. Plus, they have good colors and the best nail posters I’ve ever seen.

Marvelous Nails:

Clean/Sanitary: 2/5
Friendly: 4/5
Quality: 3/5
Value: 4/5
Local banter: 4/5
Polish variety: 3/5
Bonus massage: No 0/2

Razor: didn’t offer me (but I have seen it being used there)

Total score: 20/32

Stay tuned as I tour and score each nail salon in Greenpoint.

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