I haven’t even lived in Greenpoint for a year and I’ve already been given the keys to the blog.  How did this happen, you ask?  Beats me.  But here I am, in a position to write about all the things that I like and hope you like too.

I’m going to let my new friend Peter interview me in similar fashion.


How’d you end up here?

As in Greenpoint or Greenpointers?  Greenpoint happened by magic, honestly.  I had a new place locked down in Astoria, my backup to this fine hood, until I found random apartment on craigslist at the very last moment that saved the day!  As for Greenpointers,  I somehow convinced Justine that this was a good idea.  She’ll rue the day. RUE!


What’s your most triumphant Greenpoint Moment?

Besides finding this apartment, it would probably be finding a box of free books on Lorimer. Totally full, all good stuff.  A couple of them were copies of books I had sold to Strand in 2008 for money to buy groceries, so that was nice. Boring, I know, but I can’t think of anything in particular.  I feel like this question is really based off of that Word basketball game Peter mentioned.  I’m pretty terrible at basketball, but I will publically challenge Peter to a game, 1-on-1, just so I can maybe have a new triumphant moment by getting a sneaky win.  Loser buys the most expensive beer at Diamond.

What do you do when you’re not winning things?

I haven’t won anything, except scoring free used books.  Holy crap… that sounded sad.  I once won a trip to the Bahamas by filling out an entry form in a Chinese Restaurant in Oyster Bay on Christmas day.  I think I had a high school jazz band award in there somewhere.  But I digress….

I play trumpet in a few bands,  work in Williamsburg, spend time with my special lady, embark on outdoorsy/adventure trips, and find inspirational time in interesting places.  I enjoy finely crafted food and beverages, like I’m sure most of you do, and I’d like to share my travels of the finer things in the north side so you can seek them out easily or just live vicariously through the blog.

What can we expect from you?

My first order of business is to construct a series of posts on my quest to find the best burger in Greenpoint.  I’d like to review concerts, new bars and various forms of art shows.  If something happens involving the urban landscape and infrastructure of the area, I’m totally into that and will share my thoughts.  I don’t really know what to expect myself, so it is probably best not to have any expectations on your end besides my content being top-notch.

You also don’t get a picture of me because I can’t decide on one from my facebook albums.  I’ll probably pop into a photo at some point, but until then, let the mystery overwhelm you!


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  1. I ACCEPT your challenge, sir, and the winner will indeed enjoy the most expensive beer at Karczma, just like you said. Also, I agree, the quantity and quality of free book boxes around here is a major perk.

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