Introductions (Part V)

Hailing from upstate NY, I moved from Washington Heights to Greenpoint in 2004, and have been sitting atop the Oil Spill since. Aside from trading a one-block walk to the train for Greenpoint’s 1.5 mile walk to the L, there are no regrets. There is no McGolrick Park in the Heights.

Given the industrial havoc that has been heaped upon the neighborhood, I consider most days triumphant. Having my Greenpoint-based novel placed in Word bookstore was also nice.

I write local/NYC topical articles; as well as music-related pieces. I also write fiction and music, including the score for a new feature film, World’s Best Dad, (made by a Greenpoint-based filmmaker). My blog is located here.

– Joel Chaffee

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While explaining to friends who live outside of Greenpoint how wonderful our neighborhood is to live in, I’m often expected to clarify some area folk-lore. Yes there is an oil spill larger than the Exxon Valdez bobbing gently beneath our feet. The live poultry slaughter house a few doors from my apartment does indeed smell worse in the summer than in the winter (when feather covered rivers of chicken tears trickle down the sidewalk). No, the old Polish ladies here are not disdainful of their new younger neighbors—they are, more often than not, polite and welcoming even when I break it to them that I do not speak Polish.

I moved to NYC in 2002 and outside of a few stints back up in Boston, I have made northern Brooklyn my home. I became a Greenpoint resident two years ago with my girlfriend and dog and have already spent time in two different apartments. The first was above a funeral home across from McGolrick Park where I often wondered about but seldom entered The Fireplace bar and grill. The current is on the Franklin Street side of the neighborhood. I consider finding this apartment my most triumphant Greenpoint moment. I can walk a block down the street and eat free pizza with a pint of beer at any conceivable hour, my girlfriend often reminds me that too many brunch options does not qualify as a “real” problem, and my dog has a backyard to run around and dig holes in (this is until she digs one deep enough to reach the aforementioned oil spill, in which case we ride our spewing fountain of riches into one of those fancy new condos on the waterfront, Beverly Hillbillies-style).

As a member of The Greepointers illuminati I hope to address the areas of interest that are most important to me. These include but are not limited to, delicious food, dimly lit bars, K9 matters, afternoon celebrity sightings, laundromat empanadas, and all of the great arts and culture happenings that make this neighborhood one of best in the city. I also hope to clarify any and all Greenpoint myths for the “out-of-pointers” who are not too shy to ask.

I love the neighborhood and am so glad to be a part of it.

– Mark

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A native non-Polish Greenpointer, I grew up living by McGolrick Park and am here still. I’ve seen the transformation of this neighborhood since I was in middle school. That means I picked up Polish cuss words from the school playground and I now pick up my daily Stumptown Coffee from the Brooklyn Standard.  The ‘G’ has been and remains my lifeline — my only, yet painful, way into the city.  Countless Angry Birds levels were won while waiting on the platform.

With the changes, my heart followed. I have to visit, try, eat, see everything Greenpoint (with a spillover to Williamsburg).  I pull and tug my friends from the other four boroughs to my little nabe and I’m proud to say I’ve made converts.  I also have an unhealthy appetite for deal buying sites, and anything Greenpoint triggers an immediate purchase.  My last haircut was at The Parlour Brooklyn, I had dinner at the Manhattan Inn, and I’ve yet to take my High Fall class at the Hollywood Stunts Training Center (Groupon, Scoop St., and Living Social respectively).

Pictures, Deals, and Food. That’s what you’ll find under my name.  I’m high on visuals, few with words. My morning ritual starts with a cup of coffee and me sifting through email subscriptions and 10 tabs of deals websites.  When dining out, I’m that friend who won’t allow anyone to lift their fork until I capture a shot of the sweet glow of fresh pancakes.  But I’m also the friend who insists you share this epiphany of sorts from a bite of Peter Pan Bakery’s doughnut.


So hi, take a bite. 🙂


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Introductions! (Part II)

I haven’t even lived in Greenpoint for a year and I’ve already been given the keys to the blog.  How did this happen, you ask?  Beats me.  But here I am, in a position to write about all the things that I like and hope you like too.

I’m going to let my new friend Peter interview me in similar fashion.


How’d you end up here?

As in Greenpoint or Greenpointers?  Greenpoint happened by magic, honestly.  I had a new place locked down in Astoria, my backup to this fine hood, until I found random apartment on craigslist at the very last moment that saved the day!  As for Greenpointers,  I somehow convinced Justine that this was a good idea.  She’ll rue the day. RUE!

What’s your most triumphant Greenpoint Moment?

Besides finding this apartment, it would probably be finding a box of free books on Lorimer. Totally full, all good stuff.  A couple of them were copies of books I had sold to Strand in 2008 for money to buy groceries, so that was nice. Boring, I know, but I can’t think of anything in particular.  I feel like this question is really based off of that Word basketball game Peter mentioned.  I’m pretty terrible at basketball, but I will publically challenge Peter to a game, 1-on-1, just so I can maybe have a new triumphant moment by getting a sneaky win.  Loser buys the most expensive beer at Diamond.

What do you do when you’re not winning things?

I haven’t won anything, except scoring free used books.  Holy crap… that sounded sad.  I once won a trip to the Bahamas by filling out an entry form in a Chinese Restaurant in Oyster Bay on Christmas day.  I think I had a high school jazz band award in there somewhere.  But I digress….

I play trumpet in a few bands,  work in Williamsburg, spend time with my special lady, embark on outdoorsy/adventure trips, and find inspirational time in interesting places.  I enjoy finely crafted food and beverages, like I’m sure most of you do, and I’d like to share my travels of the finer things in the north side so you can seek them out easily or just live vicariously through the blog.

What can we expect from you?

My first order of business is to construct a series of posts on my quest to find the best burger in Greenpoint.  I’d like to review concerts, new bars and various forms of art shows.  If something happens involving the urban landscape and infrastructure of the area, I’m totally into that and will share my thoughts.  I don’t really know what to expect myself, so it is probably best not to have any expectations on your end besides my content being top-notch.

You also don’t get a picture of me because I can’t decide on one from my facebook albums.  I’ll probably pop into a photo at some point, but until then, let the mystery overwhelm you!


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Like looking in a mirror

To sum up three years of Greenpoint:

1.  Almost every food is better smoked;

2.  “Good at basketball” is an incredibly relative term;

3.  Everyone ends a night at the Palace Cafe sooner or later.

The rest I’m still figuring out.  In the meantime, hi, I’m Peter, and I’m going to be (over)sharing with you here on a regular basis.  A quick interview with myself:

How’d you end up here?
I moved to Greenpoint about three or so years ago after a short and “interesting” stint living in Cobble Hill, which began after a sublet was negotiated over a cheese counter and ended with me making the excellent choice to pack up and head north.  I found a great apartment on Leonard & Calyer, which, having looked at Craigslist prices the other day, I am never, ever leaving, so hands off.

What’s your most triumphant Greenpoint moment?
My  best Greenpoint moment to date was definitely winning last year’s Word bookstore basketball league championship.  It was the highest* achievement of my storied** athletic career.  Seriously though, big thanks to the girls and boys of the Red Herring for getting us there.

What do you do with yourself when you’re not winning things?
On those rare occasions, I work out in Flushing for the Parks department, making maps mostly related to street tree planting.  I have a beautiful reverse-peak commute out to a less beautiful giant parking lot in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.  Locally, I like to read in the backyard of the Diamond, people-watch off my stoop, and poorly play a wide variety of instruments.

What can we expect out of you?
I over-think the hell out of every meal, musical event, and passing car I come across, so expect overly detailed reviews of local spots and goings-on combined with the occasional note on civics and, if you’re lucky, a map or two.

Greenpoint’s been a great home to me and I’m looking forward to writing out my opinions on its comings and goings for your amusement.


*     “Only”
**   It’s a short story.

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Hello Grnpt Neighbors!

Cookie Road-Greenpoint

This is just a quick little intro post to say hi and let you know who this new Italian kid is writing all this food stuff (+other Grnpt observations). I have been in the ‘hood for years but have bounced around. It all started in 2005 on Franklin St. above the, now closed, Brooklyn coffee house. Then I bounced down to Withers and Humboldt to renovate a house. By the way, that is technically Greenpoint. It’s the real estate developers that love to call it Williamsburg. But who cares anymore now that Greenpoint has as much cache as ‘ol Billyburg. I then traded in Italian sausage shops for Polish sausage shops moving back up to the culdesac (what I like to refer to the mcguiness, greenpoint, franklin, ash st. square.)

So, what the hell do I do. I eat a lot. While that is happening I run a food blog, a supper club and a marketing agency. Recently my office has moved from Manhattan to my bedroom (that’s a good thing). So, I will be spending much more time during the week on the ‘hood exploring and eating. I hope to dig up some hidden nuggets and new finds that can help all you readers love Greenpoint even more. If there is ever anything more you’d like me to explore. Let me know. I love special requests. And, with that, happy Monday.

Your neighbor,
Jason Anello

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Hi Greenpoint!

Allow me to introduce myself – my name’s Christina Miller and this is my first blog post as a Greenpointers contributer.
I am not Polish, but I am blonde! I come to Greenpoint from Toronto, Canada. Why? Well, I fell in love with a New Yorker almost three years ago and although I won’t legally become an ihabitant until sometime next month, I have been coming to Greenpoint to visit my fiance on a regular basis for the past three years, and have had the good fortune to spend the last two summers here.
If I’m not nerding out on the computer, blogging, I’m volunteering at an online music store and a yoga studio, both in the area. I’ve always got my eyes open for new shops, restaurants, and interesting spots in the neighborhood and I always look forward to meeting new people. I can’t wait to get to know you all!
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An Introductory Phrase

Dearly beloved Greenpointers,

I hope this finds you well endowed.

The name is Joann Kim and I am gratefully honored to be a new contributor to this ravenously splendid blog. I am a blogger and art writer working as a studio manager to a stupendous artist. I love all things art and food and hope to share some of my biased, imperfect, and irrational passions with you all. I’ve lived in Greenpoint off McGolrick Park for a year and a half and find this neighborhood to be equally lovable and heinous. I grew up in Queens which was an uneventful affair and have traveled through the boroughs to be contently settled in northern Brooklyn.

I intend to expose the fine refinements that sprout from this nabe in the form of interviews, resident profiles, restaurant/bar/cafe reviews, event coverage, and of course, gossip.
As they say: Hang tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


Check out my blog here.

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