A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a tasting at Red Star to try out some possible fresh menu selections from their new Executive Chef, Walter Donadio. First off, I confess, I don’t exactly have the palette of a restaurant critic. And to be honest there were a few things that I had never even tasted in my life on the menu – pork bellies?! The only thing I knew about pork bellies I learned from Trading Places. But I was SERIOUSLY impressed and loved every single item I had. Every. Single. Item.

Red Star is a local Greenpointer owned establishment, so it’s always been near and dear to me since I love when locals do great things in the neighborhood. When Red Start opened it was instantly filled a void. We have lots of bars in the hood that show sports on TV, but none that had so many screens, a great selection of beers, so much room and such delicious food. It was exactly what we needed.

The tasting menu was filled with interesting selections like mac and cheese infused with truffles and the most delicious bibb salad with butter lettuce, bleu cheese, apples and this honey-ginger vinagerette dressing that I want a bottle of for my own constant consumption. The blue crab salad that they’ve made before for special events was really nice to see as an option to be permanently added, too.

Chef Walter was an awesome guy, too. Which only makes sense since the owners, the manager Eric, Nick the events guy, the bartenders and wait staff are ALL really wonderful. Service there is always great. I think it’s really great that they’re upping their game. While they are still going to be the spot to go to watch the games and catch a burger and a beer – now they’re looking to be the spot to go to take your girlfriend for dinner and drinks. Or when your parents visit and don’t want to deal with the pretentious Williamsburg joints.

Go over and friend Red Star on Facebook to find out exactly when the new menu will be available and while you’re there, might be wise to make your reservations for Super Bowl Sunday – they’re filling up fast!


Red Star
37 Greenpoint Avenue

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