It’s 1996 and my surprise 21st birthday party is being thrown by my Dad at Teddy’s. My Dad and his best friend who’s like an uncle to me have been hanging there since Partners closed. It was a great party. Afterwards, a few of us went to JD’s on Meeker, which is now Boulevard Tavern.

That night one of the most horrific things my eyes had ever seen happened. I went into the ladies room to find my overweight and seriously unfortunate looking ex-roommate bent over the sink with my uncle’s tongue in her mouth. To this day the abuse he received from my father and I is nothing shy of torturous. It’s a small price for him to pay considering I have that vile picture in my head that will just never leave.

And damn them both for causing me to never enter JD’s or now The Boulevard Tavern because of their shenanigans.

But that should not affect you, dear reader, from enjoying the fact that their kitchen is now open and open late. And they’re also doing a toy drive.

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