I went out Saturday night with an old friend who I grew up with and others. We hit up a couple of places first starting at Goodman’s, then heading onto the new place Red Star and finishing the night at Jack O’Neill’s. All in all a good drunken night.

I was really excited about Red Star. At first when I heard it was a dancing joint, I thought it was going to just be a club but it’s so much better than that. Everything in the joint was top notch. Flat screens everywhere, an upstairs and downstairs bar and an owner from the hood. Local peeps doing good makes me happy.

I’m psyched that there is a sports bar in the area now. It’s the sort of place where I can take my Dad and we can have some beers, burgers and bullshit. The sort of place that’s new but completely local friendly. It’s not a hipster haven. It’s got all the amenities without the pretentious bullshit. It’s perfect. Go hangout there now!

Red Star
37 Greenpoint Ave
(between Franklin St & West St)
Brooklyn, NY 11222
(718) 349-0149

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  1. duuuuude, this place sucks. I’ve been there twice now and I don’t know why I went back. For some reason I feel this place belongs in Staten Island, not Greenpoint.

  2. I sort of agree with both. It is horribly out of place in greenpoint due to the decor and general vibe….but also out of place due to it’s amazing food….best food in greenpoint by far….even though it’s bar fare.

    It is a real sports bar though….not so sure about the dancing part.

  3. This place is definately cool…. the bartenders there actually don’t make you seem like you are bothering them when you want a drink… and the food is awesome… 37 cent wings on wednesdays is the only place you need to be… i have had my share of wings and these are by far the best! One weird thing though…. something i have never seen in Greenpoint… Hipsters and neighborhood kids hanging in the same place… who would have thought! this place is for everyone!

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