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I can’t even believe it. The rumor is true! We’re getting a bowling alley and the shit isn’t in Williamsburg – it’s in Greenpoint (200 N 14th St, between Wythe and Berry (718.387.3585)!

Gothamist reported on this wonderful little bit of info and they’ve got a bunch of pics in their post. The place looks fantastic. Totally old school and they’re even gonna sell pitchers of beer. Of course, it looks like there are about ten lanes total which means that it’ll probably be virtually impossible to get a chance to play on a Friday or Saturday night, but still, it’s pretty fucking awesome.

And at this time I will reiterate once again about how I desperately want a dart league to startup in the ‘hood.

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  1. congratulations to greenpoint! the fun you will have. here in s. brooklyn we have melody lanes in sunset park, a nice name isn’t it? good luck with darts. I want archery in s. slope. We’ll see.

  2. I’d love to play darts in the neighborhood! Are there any bars that aren’t overrun with drunk hipsters that have a dart board? I used to play all the time when I lived in Boston. Good times.

  3. Coco’s has a dart board and I know Mark Bar did at one time, not sure if they still have it.

    I notice the hipsters are a little more preoccupied with the ping-pong table at Coco’s and more into the skeeball thing at Mark Bar so usually I can get the dart board.

  4. gutter is great. i went to a friends and family work out the kinks party last night. bowling a few blocks from home was great.

    the bad: only eight lanes. the balls were older than most wwII gi’s.

    the good: the bar itself is fair nicer than the pics in the gothimist make it out to be. a fun place for sure, but fri/ sat eve bowling is going to be such a clusterfuck. 1st barcade, now gutter, i can not wait till they open a drunken roller skating rink in the neighborhood.

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