More GREEN Money! $6 Million from DEP for Private Property Owners!

Eagle St Rooftop Farms

The city is catching on that we need to get more sustainable in terms of our infrastructure. One way is to green private residences in ways that helps capture and redirect rainwater that would otherwise overwhelm the sewer system and cause CSOs (which is when raw sewage is released into our waterways.) Yeah – it’s totally a nasty affair and should be avoided!

NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced $6 million in grant funding is available for green infrastructure projects like rain gardens, blue roofs, green roofs, and porous pavement that manage stormwater runoff from private property. Private property owners in all five boroughs of New York City are eligible to apply. Continue reading

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The Mutual: A Greener Way To Give And Receive

Lately, I have been having a major shopping dilemma. After watching, The Story of Stuff (100 times), I need to figure out how to STOP being part of the problem of creating toxic products (clothing, food products, electronics, etc) – especially as a resident of Greenpoint, where we process almost half of the city’s garbage. I need some stuff, but I need to consider the environment and my health when making purchasing decisions.

This is where Dan, founder of a new company called The Mutual, comes in. We met at Urban Rustic, a quick walk from his office space at The Yard. After working at a big marketing firm, Dan did a lot of research and discovered “the green gap,” that is “66% of the U.S. population wants to live greener but doesn’t fulfill on that intent.”

We both looked down at our plastic ice coffee cups. Point taken. Continue reading

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