Bike Guessing Contest: the Results Are In & We Have a Winner!

As most of you have probably noticed Greenpoint’s population is rising faster than new condos. As each year goes by, I find it harder to cross the street. What was once relatively quiet area with stray dogs running around, is now a small city in its own right. I decided to measure the local transportation boom by counting the number of bicycles that rode passed me in an hour’s time and I was pretty surprised by the answer.

Last week, we asked YOU, dear readers, for your guesses and here were the results: there was a total of 44 guesses, ranging from 42 bikes to 1002 (and one special guy guessed $1). Continue reading

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Mad Deals For Your Mom // Greenpoint Mother’s Day Guide


Mother's Day is this Sunday!

She put up with you your entire life (not to mention MADE you alive) so you clearly owe her more than a phone call and a mass produced greeting card.

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, but don’t worry, you still have plenty of time. We’ve put together this Greenpoint Mother’s Day Guide so you can keep the shopping local and still shower her with awesomeness. We are making this REALLY easy so don’t phone it in this year. Your welcome. Happy Mother’s Day! Continue reading

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Beauty Liberation Party at BK Groove on Saturday! (3/29)


Saturday at Brooklyn Groove!

Free yourself from the toxic chemicals you put on your skin everyday at a Beauty Liberation Party this Saturday from noon-8pm at Brooklyn Groove (102B Nassau Ave). Spring cleaning beings with your body, so throw away those harmful synthetic cosmetics and come to this non-toxic skin care party with lots of freebies!

Try natural beauty products, score a complimentary (that means FREE!) makeup consultation and check out a presentation of flawless long lasting airbrush makeup at 7pm. All brides-to-be (and your entourages) are welcome! Wait, there is more…

Enjoy a free mini facial and take your chance in a raffle to win prizes like cosmetics sets or brunch for two at Raizes, Greenpoint’s new Portuguese restaurant.

Not to mention there will be complimentary wine carefully selected by Vine Box and get grooved away with music by DJ DLP! Healthy make-up was NEVER this fun before.

Cheers to your skin, Greenpoint!

Sponsored post courtesy of Brooklyn Groove.

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The Meaning Of Flowers & Their Colors // The Little Glass Slipper’s Early Bird Special!


Bouquet by The Little Glass Slipper

Did you know that flowers have purpose and their colors have specific meaning? On Valentines Day, there will be a plethora of options for flowers, candy and other gifts to chose from, but can you offer a purposeful and meaningful gift?

The Little Glass Slipper, a floral design boutique located at 200 Franklin St in Greenpoint, uses colors, herbs and herbal flowers to create a sensory gift giving experience and shares some insight about what these flowers can do. Continue reading

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DEAL! NYC Farm Chic Flowers + FREE NuNu Chocolate


NYC Farm Chic Domestically Grown Bouquet of Roses

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! We have a deal for you.

NYC Farm Chic Flowers is offering FREE NuNu Chocolate with an order of gorgeous flowers (thru Feb 9th)! So get your butt in gear and score some roses + chocolate for your sweetie (in one shot!) before it’s too late.

FREE Heart Shaped Box of Best Selling NuNu’s Chocolate Covered Salted Caramels (Order by 2/9)

Did you know that 90% of roses sold in the US are imported? Surprised? NYC Farm Chic Flowers was, too – which is why they offer US grown flowers, USA Made vases + Brooklyn Made Chocolates. Keeping it local.

Plus NYC Farm Chic has plenty of gorgeous floral options to chose from – like this stunning “Mad For You” Rose Assortment + Vase combo.

Make sure to LOVE NYC Farm Chic Flowers on Facebook & Pinterest.

Sponsored Post Courtesy of NYC Farm Chic Flowers.

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Sign Up For Poncho! (+ Win $50 at Delilah’s Cheesesteaks!)


As we know all too well from the past month, New York weather BE CRAZY. One day it feels like Spring in January and the next, we wake up only to trek through a few feet of toxic slush to a delayed train. If only there was a better way to get the weather report than sifting through an hour-by-hour forecast in a state of half sleep, trying to determine what shoes to put on…

Welcome to the world of Poncho, a personalized weather service that emails/texts you each morning with an update specifically tailored to your daily habits. It’s just like the device in Her, except instead of Scarlet Johansson whispering sweet nothings into your ear, it’s an adorable cat in a poncho telling you the weather. Continue reading

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Free Your Time With Vervelux – North Brooklyn Cleaning Service


Let’s talk about the wonderfulness of a clean home that you didn’t lift a finger to accomplish.

It may seem like a luxurious thing to do, but that feeling of getting home after a long day at work and your entire apartment is tidy and smells terrific is really priceless – and you deserve it, because you did work hard for it – but you didn’t have to do it yourself!

Sure you could clean your own apartment but you could also cook for yourself and pour yourself a glass of wine, but you still go out and have someone else do those things for you on a regular basis, right? One night out in this town could easily be more expensive than that amazing clean home feeling. So what are you waiting for? You don’t have to justify it to anyone – even yourself.

So you are ready for a really clean home – now what? Finding a reliable and trustworthy cleaning person is a whole other endeavor. Not anymore!

The folks at Vervelux, a North Brooklyn based cleaning service for over 6 years just made getting your apartment spotless AND your laundry and dry cleaning done a whole lot easier with a customizable online ordering service! And they service Williamsburg, Bushwick, Greenpoint & LIC. This is the future of cleaning, people!

Picture this: you’re at your desk and check your calendar and realize you have guests coming over for dinner but your place is a wreck and you don’t have a clean shirt to your name. Type in and they will magically take care of everything!

And as a Brooklynite who cares about your own health and the environment, Vervelux is a green cleaning service, using only eco-friendly products that will get your home truly clean, rather than covered in toxic chemicals. That goes for their Laundry & Dry Cleaning services as well. Think pick-up, clean, fold and drop-off.

This isn’t just house cleaning and laundry service – it’s peace of mind. Vervelux are professionals you can trust to clean your home so you can enjoy living there.

Sponsored Post courtesy of Vervelux.

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Introducing the Brokelyn Beer Book!

Our pals at Brokelyn just dropped the long-awaited 2014 edition of their Beer Book. And if you were thinking about gifting a box of Duane Reade chocolates to your loved one this V-Day, it’s probably a good time to reconsider. You know what’s better than waxy chocolate? BEER.

For $30, the book includes coupons for 30 beers at 30 bars all over Brooklyn (plus a few extras). So you can throw it in your pocket and hit the borough hard. They’re good for the whole year.

The best part, apart from the whole $1 beer thing, is that the book is like a little glimmer of foamy motivation that will get you to try new bars and neighborhoods that you might not get to otherwise. The Beer Book is actually 2 Books. What’s that, you say? Book 5 covers “Upper Brooklyn”(a new take on North) , which includes G-point, W-burg, B-wick, and B-Stuy (if I was a teenage girl texting, that’s how I’d break it down) and Book 6 covers “Middle Brooklyn,” which includes Cob-Hill, Dit-Park, P-Heights and P-Slope (sorry, not sorry). May we suggest a 30-bar crawl for the non-faint of liver? Continue reading

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Human at Ease Now Taking Applications for 12-Week Training Course


Ok, let’s be real. We all ate ourselves to pieces last week and with the holidays just around the corner, we’re not stopping. I like to binge eat as much as the next guy, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to remain physically active while doing so. It’s easier said than done, but our friend Dy from Human at Ease (ease is their middle last name) has a program that guides people through the intense process of getting fit, and as a result, it’s a lot less intimidating. Continue reading

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CSI Rentals Grand Opening Tonight


Photographers and filmmakers, your lives are about to get a little easier.  CSI Rentals is opening a new location in Bushwick where you can rent pro cameras, lenses, gels, video equipment and sound gear. Just to clarify, CSI:Miami is not coming to Bushwick, although it really should.

The Grand Opening will take place tonight from 5-7:30pm and will feature live demos of the latest from Sony HD Cinema (camera nerds, go wild), shooting and work flow samples, and as the flyer states (in caps) “FREE GIFTS FOR ALL.” What will these gifts be? We have no idea, but my best guess is a rental coupon or maybe a camera strap? CSI also promises that you will meet friends.  So if you want friends, a new camera strap, and some free snacks, this could be the night that changes your life 4EVER. The new location is at 1138 Flushing Avenue, between the Morgan and Jefferson L stops.

Seriously though, it’s about time we had a place to rent equipment locally, since the hood has become home to so many professional photographers, filmmakers, and artists, as well as photo studios, sound stages, and galleries.  Also it’s worth it to note that they have a delivery option, for the super lazy or super busy among us (could go either way on this one).




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