Why These Guys Are Brooklyn’s Favorite Party Friends: Meet The Super-AOK Team

Chris Parker (left), Peter Simon (center), and Rich Watts (right)
Chris Parker (left), Peter Simon (center), and Rich Watts (right)

Peter Simon, Rich Watts, and Chris Parker are three friends running the Williamsburg-based creative agency Super-AOK, marrying old technology with new ideas. Their latest development is called the A1-Array, which is a camera array system comprised of multiple cameras synced to capture movements from many angles at once. The result is a swiveling, lively 3D image – also known as a motion photographic GIF. Continue reading

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Northside Innovation 2015: A Welcome Return for Any Respectable “Yuccie”


Every summer, the activity in McCarren Park and the surrounding area gets a bit amplified, not just with music but with a variety of Northside Festival related revelry, including what they refer to as “NYC’s Biggest Tech Party.” Now in its fourth year, Northside Innovation returns with the Expo as well as the Conference this Thursday and Friday (6/11-12).

These are two full days packed with keynotes, fireside chats, panels, workshops, pitch competitions, and networking opportunities, so you’ll want to plan ahead and create your schedule beforehand. The Northside site has a comprehensive scheduling tool but we recommend that you download the more user friendly App instead.

The Expo takes up 50,000 square feet of McCarren Park and is free to attend but if you are anything like I was as an overworked commuter, the 12PM-7PM time frame might allow you to scurry through and pick up some schwag along the way at best. If this isn’t you, it might be fun to check out the 150+ exhibitors, who will be present to awe and inspire any passerby (aka will be doling out free shit). Continue reading

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REVERSE Gallery Holds Interactive Mappathon Workshop

A projection mapping installation at REVERSE Gallery ©Emily Greenberg

Last weekend, June 27 to 29, REVRSE gallery continued its commitment to experimental media by hosting Interactive Mappathon. The third such event for REVERSE, the marathon-style projection mapping workshop culminated in a series of site-specific, collaboratively built installations. Held in the artist-run space just south of McCarren Park, the workshop was led by interactive visual artist and educator CHiKA and digital artist and developer Bruno Kruse. Continue reading

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Kickstarter Debuts its New Headquarters in the Revamped Pencil Factory Building

A few weeks back, Kickstarter opened its new Greenpoint office for a Creators Open House, revealing a beautiful renovation reflective of the many warehouse conversions in our neighborhood. Though factory aesthetics are a dime a dozen in North Brooklyn, this headquarters stands out, with a theater (Kickstarter has successfully funded 13,368 film and video projects to date), an art gallery (they hope to host exhibits for aspiring artists), a sprawling recreational and kitchen area with a long bar and seating booths, and a terrarium-like nature insertion between glass and wood walls. And that’s just the first floor.

Continue reading

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Greenpointers Weird On Tumblr: Sunday Occult Candles Gif

Gosh there are just way too many social media outlets, right? That being said they all serve very different purposes and as an online business owner the best way to have a far reach on your potential audience is to have a presence where those users are.

For Greenpointers we are heavy hitters on our facebook. It drives a huge amount of traffic to the website and it’s also where you can find some rich anti-“yuppy” sentiment. (For real, people still use that term.) And going off original blog owner Justine’s recommendation – the H bomb is still blocked.)  Facebook is also great resource for local happenings and serves as the website for many Greenpoint businesses – which I believe is totally acceptable if your goal is to get customers in your door and not necessarily to drive traffic to your website.

It took a while to get used to Twitter, but it’s a great real-time news source from people experiencing situations first hand and it’s also where lots of followers give us great tips and boss us around, which is much appreciated. “Write about this…” “Go eat here…” “Look at this…” It’s also a good place where you can “get the attention” of bigger news outlets (ahem New York Times) which usually means you tip them off (ahem Killer Mockingbirds) and they pay a real journalist to cover the story and do a better and more in depth write-up. Then every other blog picks it up and there is not one link back to the original source – us! (I’m just a little bitter about that one. Just a link is all I’m asking for! The decency of a simple link!)

By far Instagram is my baby. Not only can I in real-time share images from my vantage point in Greenpoint, but even better I can see through everyone else’s eyes. A reader recognized me in Met Food once because of a photo I had shared of the amazing nail job I got at Ria’s Nailz. And I’m not so sad now that Vine doesn’t work on my phone because Instagram has that covered. Instagram is my phone’s g-spot.

I have only more recently become obsessed with Tumblr because (surprisingly) I have two other blogs there: JenniferGalatioto.Tumblr.Com (abstract / urban landscape photography, etc) and MorningRidgewood.Tumblr.Com (a photo blog that was a compromise between my personal life – aka Jon, the cats and my sanity – and my crazy blogger self. It’s JUST a photo blog – just a photo blog.

I like Tumblr because there is an “anything goes” “get weird” vibe. A younger crowd with more bold and higher quality visuals abound, and it’s a great excuse for anyone who wants to happen upon “artsy bordering on lewd” porn nudes in their dining room while there partner cooks dinner. “It’s not like I was looking for porn, but there is it! Look at that!” There are no rules, but you do have the option to block adult content. And it’s meant for content regurgitation.

This occult candle gift, which I shot in an occult bookstore in Bushwick called Catland – just seemed right on Greenpointers.Tumblr 

See you on Tumblr!

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Google Reader Will Not Be Available After July 1, 2013: NOT Okay

Were you as perplexed and disappointed as I was to get this notification that Google Reader is closing down shop in July? Usage has declined, according to Google. Still I bet ALOT of people still use it. In fact, loyal users started a Keep Google Reader campaign, a petition that over 40,000 people have signed it.

The petition allows for commentary on why the product shouldn’t retire. Aside from “I love google reader,” others expressed worry of other google products being taken away. For example, what if after reducing unread messages from 15,000 to 35 (Thanks Tony!) they decide to end gmail?

Google, instead of cutting our beloved google reader, a useful tool for organizing the infinite cluster fuck that the internet is – why not get rid of Google Plus instead, which is a boring cluster fuck of a social network?

Unless this petition works, we must find an alternative. Here are Life Hacker’s 5 Best Google Reader Alternatives. I am going to try The Old Reader, which seems super simple and allows me to easily import my Google reader feed. Fingers crossed.

What reader will you use come July? Let us know in the comments section.

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Instagram “Listens” To User Outrage Over Policy And Promises Not To Be Dicks

Sometimes getting pissed off can do the trick, especially when millions of “users,” or the “products,” start bitching. As user/products, we know how much we were worth ($1 Billion!) when Instagram sold us all to Facebook, but we have rights and a voice. And we can use the very tools they give us to communicate our outrage. I love internet mutiny!

In a post titled: “Thank You. We Are Listening,” Instagram Co-Founder Kevin Systrom promised to “modify specific parts of the terms to make it more clear what will happen with your photos,” then went into specifics about the sale of photographs for advertising purposes stating that, “it is not our intention to sell your photos,” and most importantly:

Instagram users own their content and Instagram does not claim any ownership rights over your photos. Nothing about this has changed. We respect that there are creative artists and hobbyists alike that pour their heart into creating beautiful photos, and we respect that your photos are your photos. Period.

Do you think that Instagram will keep their promise?



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Updates: Greenpointers on Speed

Since much of the reason we were able to afford this brand spanking new website is because of community support, business sponsorship and generous fundraising, I’d like to keep everyone in the loop about what is going on with our big baby!

You might have noticed after we launched that the website was running slowly. Thanks for your patience while we sorted out this issue!

Problem solved: With the help of CommandC, we migrated the website to a new and super fast server. There was a significant cost ($655!) to complete this. If you love the website and want to chip in, please make a donation to our new website fund. Any amount (even $1) helps.

In order to figure out why the website was at a snail’s pace, a significant time was spent testing it. If you want to geek out for a minute (this is super valuable to anyone who has a website or blog), here is what the web geniuses explained:

Continue reading

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