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Smorgasburg Returns with 20 New Vendors in Williamsburg Saturday (4/6)

Smorgasburg in Williamsburg (courtesy of Smorgasburg)

It’s officially spring and that means that East River State Park will soon be swamped with Smorgasburg attendees seeking out inventive and delicious eats on Saturday afternoons.

Smorgasburg returns to the Williamsburg waterfront at N. 8th Street this Saturday, April 6th, from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. with 20 plus new vendors for you to sample.

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Plant Magic comes to Prospect Park this Saturday (5/30)

Plant-Magic-IG_525pxConnect with wild plants in Brooklyn’s oldest remaining forest. Spend the morning rewilding the woodlands, planting native perennials like blue vervain, bergamot and goldenrod, grown from heritage seeds, and removing invasive plants like artemesia and burdock with Prospect Park’s expert foresters. Afterwards, enjoy a wild plant picnic from Bed Stuy Kitchen, Marlow and Sons and Four & Twenty Blackbirds. In conjunction with the Prospect Park Alliance. Limited space available. RSVP required. Continue reading

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Word on the Curb: Shrunken Blizzards, Yeti Sightings, Considerate Criminals & more!


Photo by Harold M. Lambert


It was cold so there must have been shrinkage.

At least that is what the great George Constanza would have said if he had to describe the most boring blizzard in NYC’s history. Monday’s storm had subways shut down, curfews imposed, and weathermen promising us Brooklynites over 24 inches of pure unadulterated snow.  But when the blizzard showed us his mighty wrath with only 6 measly inches, you could hear the frustrated groans across the borough–and we mere mortals weren’t the only ones making noise that night.

One tipster wrote us that he spotted an allusive Yeti  binge drinking and growling at patrons at local waterhole Oak & Iron before hitting the snow covered sidewalks to terrify a few local residents during Monday night’s blizzard.

As if a Yeti sighting was not rare enough, another Brooklyn resident has come forward with evidence that Big Foot is alive and well, and residing inside Prospect Park. According to a man calling himself Russell Strarck, he claims to have captured footage of an over-sized hairy humanoid foraging for food inside Brooklyn’s largest park on Tuesday morning.

Don’t believe in Big Foot? Perhaps this mountain man’s testimony might convince you big hairy things exist in forests after all.

Robber says “sorry” and leaves apartment empty handed. Continue reading

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Live blog: Great Googa Mooga

Let the record show that at the beginning of this weekend I weighed in at 167 pounds. Hopefully, I’ll have added a bit to this figure by the end of two days spent wandering the grease-soaked fields of Prospect Park at the Great Googa Mooga.

Why does this far-off, poorly named but much-hyped festival matter to Greenpoint?  Over the past few years we’ve seen an unmistakeable rise in the number of innovative food venues setting up shop here.  Googa Mooga is like, or would like to be like – and I cringe writing this as you cringe reading it – food culture’s Woodstock.  There’s a great piece in Gawker addressing the interesting question of whether food innovation is this generation’s music innovation or just the outcome of overindulged youths coming to age with money in their pockets, restaurant jobs, and too few real problems.

It’s an issue that is without doubt shaping the future of our neighborhood, so today I’m going to take on the arduous task of eating my way to an answer or, more likely, dyspepsia and sunburn.  Keep an eye on @Greenpointers on twitter and this page for updates & photos, and tag us with your own if you’re there and want to share.

Update, 2:40: Googa Mooga is most assuredly not food’s Woodstock. It might be food’s 1991 Woodstock, and hopefully the number of fire extinguishers here will keep it from becoming food’s Woodstock 1999.  So far it feels like a summer festival with an exceptional caterer.  The things I’ve eaten so far have been on the level of awesome takeout, not transcendental restaurant fare. Looking forward to some of the bigger bands (Holy Ghost!) coming up.

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