Rare Western Screening in Greenpoint Tonight (10/13)

If restaurants can recommend wine pairings for food, why can’t we recommend a movie interlude for your CMJ Music Marathon club hopping tonight?

Light Industry, an alternative art space in North Greenpoint (155 Freeman St.), is exhibiting The Big Country, the classic but rarely seen Western movie by director William Wyler. It starts at 7:30 pm and ends around 10:15 pm, providing the perfect bridge between the CMJ afternoon shows in the city, and the shows at nearby LIC Bar and The Good Room later tonight. Continue reading

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Kevin Geeks Out brings something weird to Nitehawk Cinema

Kevin Maher is a busy man. In addition to his professional duties as a producer for Comedy Central and freelance writer for IFC, Maher is a full-time husband and father of two boys. Even still, he manages to eek out just enough time to “geek out” on pop culture topics at Nitehawk Cinema once a month. His event, “Kevin Geeks Out“, offers a deep dive into a particular topic by inviting guest speakers, sharing film and TV clips, and producing multimedia presentations.

This coming Thursday, September 17 at 9:30 pm he’s taking on the light-hearted topic of the end of the world: the Apocalypse. It will be his fourth show at Nitehawk (136 Metropolitan Ave.) in as many months.

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Quickie Crest Film Fest Wants Your Submissions!

QUICKIE_CREST_FILM_FESTWho likes Short Shorts? Crest likes Short Shorts! Crest Hardware is proud to announce the Quickie Crest Film Fest, a celebration of local film talent with a fast-paced twist.

They want to see what local movie makers have to offer in the playful, “short short film” format. Participants submit on the theme of “community” – be it personal community, local community, or universal community for the truly ambitious. Any genre will be accepted as long as it can reasonably be tied to the theme.

Submission is free! Continue reading

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Kickstarter Alert—Reel Works Teens’ Original Feature Film

"72 Hours, A Brooklyn Love Story" by Reel Works Teens ©Reel Works

Heads up, Brooklyn! There are just 47 hours left in this Kickstarter campaign to support a made in Brooklyn production—an original feature length film called “72 Hours, a Brooklyn Love Story,” created by Reel Works Teens and their professional mentors. The comedy will be an interweaving series of narratives revolving around a boy whose infatuation leads him on a three day journey across Brooklyn. Filming will start in August 2014, with teens integrated into a professional crew and teens acting side by side with professional actors. The film will premiere in January 2015. Show your support!

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“There are some things you can only see in Brooklyn.” Brooklyn Film Festival Recap

And they are worth seeing. Like this year’s 17th Brooklyn Film Festival. It’s a keeper. Nothing can compare to watching a movie in an intimate theater (like IndieScreen on Kent) with a bunch of people so open to new (or old) ideas. Continue reading

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Local Filmmaker Talks Greenpoint, Plimpton, & PBS (where you can watch his film tonight at 9pm EST)

I met Tom Bean in front of his Greenpoint apartment, which sits in a row of buildings overlooking McGolrick park.  The day was muggy and damp and I was sweating profusely from biking from West Street. But despite my haggard appearance, Tom made me feel immediately at home in his airy abode, which doubles as his office.

Tom’s film, Plimpton!, which he co-wrote and directed with his friend Luke Poling, is airing on PBS tonight (at 9pm), as part of the American Masters series. And that’s after the documentary having already made the indie festival rounds, finished a 20 city theatrical run, and debuted to critical acclaim.

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Harry & The Potters, Cookie Party & A Very Metal Christmas– What’s Happening, Greenpoint? (12/18-12/24)


• Pictures With Santa @ Community Garden near the McCarren Park Dog Run,  SATURDAY (12/21), 12-4pm, FREE, put your furry friends in their best seasonal sweaters (ideally you have one to match) and get your family photo snapped with Santa! Holiday card, complete.

There are more events in our weekly calendar.

Submit Greenpoint events, too!


• How Metal Stole Christmas Trivia Extravaganza @ Trash Bar (256 Grand St) 7:30-10pm, FREE, Grinch it up at this black Christmas revelry, with cheap drink specials and bonus points to any team who comes dressed in leather or as a grumpy cat
♫ Showcase with Honduras / Shy Hunters / The Wendigo / Spirit Plate / Jumpers @ Matchless (557 Manhattan Ave) 8pm, $7, RSVP
♫ Every Time I Die / LetLive / Code Orange Kids / Angel Du$t @ Saint Vitus Bar (1120 Manhattan Ave) 8pm, SOLD OUT, RSVP
# Rarities from the Cellar @ Diamond Bar (43 Franklin St) 8pm, $20, Sample craft beers from the hidden Diamond vault, while munching on smoked schevre and aged cheddar (drool), More Info
♫ Lilith Velkor / Larp / Dirt Bikes / (E) Motion Picture @ Muchmore’s (2 Havemeyer St) 8pm, FREE, RSVP

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It’s Friday – Black Out Your Windows – 10 Movies to Watch On Netflix Instant (instead of shopping)

I am sure many of you are still digesting and can think of no worse fate than standing in a line today. So here is a round-up of 10 movies I recommend on Netflix Instant, (+ 1 bonus) rather than buying into Black Friday baloney – in no particular order.

Let me know what you think and please add to this list in the comments section:

1. Only God Forgives

Yes, every Netflix round-up WILL have a Ryan Gosling movie if I have my way, but he is NOT my favorite character in this “Bangkok Fight Club” ultra violent, gorgeously lit and impeccably scored film, which is to be expected from Nicolas Winding Refn, who also directed Drive. I will say I am more obsessed with the good (?) cop whose sick and twisted idea of punishment makes you wonder whether his brutality is worse than the crimes he avenges. And to top it all off, he is a karaoke genius. Continue reading

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Lucid Dreaming, Spirits Tasting, Blonde Joshua Jackson, Reggae & Cake & Oktoberfest Oom-Pah– What’s Happening Greenpoint? (9/25-10/1)


Spirits Tastings @ Duke’s Liquor Box (170 Franklin St) 6-8 pm, Stop by this brand new addition to indulge in some high caliber spirits – mark your calendars & choose your poison: Wed. 8/25 Owney’s Rum (Made in Brooklyn, with hints of molasses & wheat), Thurs. 9/26 Peach St. Distillery (Peach Brandy & Bourbon, Made in Colorado, seriously delicious staff favorite), Fri. 9/27 Tatoosh (Washington State) & Dark Horse (Kansas)–Not one but two bourbons to warm your tired soul 


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There are more events in our weekly calendar. Submit Greenpoint events, too!

• Launch Party: A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming @ WORD (126 Franklin Ave) 7-8pm, FREE, Learn how to wake up inside your dreams (it’s a real thing, just listen to this awesome Radiolab story) from the authors of this illustrated step-by-step manual, RSVP
♦ Vision Code @ BKLYN Curated (88 Franklin St) 7-10pm, Join artist Sal Terminal as he debuts his first book of poetry and paintings
☺ Heavy Metal Laser Plane @ Legion (790 Metropolitan Ave) 8pm, FREE, Get on board this plane because it has lasers and shoots them…or something, featuring cheap drinks and stand up from Josh Rabinowitz (who I can gaurantee is very funny) / Calise Hawkings / Joel Walkowski / Missy Baker / Jay Dean, RSVP

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Best Movies To Watch (On Instant) During A NYC Heat Wave!

Meet The Fokkens

One of my favorite Greenpointers is prone to disasters in social etiquette. If you want to get fired, invite her to a work party with your boss. While at such a party with a primetime TV producer friend, some big wigs asked her the ontological question: “What do you think of TV?”

She replied: “It’s like a litter box, you keep digging and digging and all you find is shit.”

The next day her producer friend was fired.

Every time I’m desperately searching for something to watch on Netflix, I think of this keen litter box metaphor, but in that moment I turn to another quote by Teddy Roosevelt: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

When it’s 101º outside and I’m in my underwear on my couch, Netflix is all I got. I’ve compiled a list of some surprisingly great movies to watch.

Jon and I are finally watching Twin Peaks in its entirety for the first time and it is as addictive and amazing and hilarious and creepy as everyone says. The opening music makes my brain so happy. The other night, Jon and I had a serious conversation over which character we associate with the most. Agent Cooper, of course! Once it’s over, I am not sure how we will spend evenings for the rest of our lives.

Here are my Netflix Instant picks. Let me know yours in the comments.

To offset the paralyzing heat while witnessing global warming via the incredible time lapse photography of National Geographic Photographer James Balog’s series on melting ice caps, watch Chasing Ice.

Go on an awkwardly hilarious adventure with a sex addict, a hopeless nerd doing everything wrong to save his marriage and a poor chubby kid who was dragged along for the canoe ride, in the Danish film KLOWN.

For the sweaty and bored narcissist hoping to get sucked into a life less interesting but as captivating as your own, try Tiny Furniture by Lena Dunham or Manhattan by Woody Allen, which is accurately described as “visually striking,” especially the opening credits of late 70s NYC.

Meet The Fokkens: I never thought I would fall in love with elderly twin prostitutes from Amsterdam. So good.

Maybe you’re feeling in need of self-help, Ted Talks: Life Hacks will have you keeping a daily diary about for all which you are grateful or try DUMBO, if you need to learn how to love yourself again.

Wet Hot American Summer is a bunch of ridiculous thirty years old acting like teenagers and there is an unlimited supply of sloppy make-outs. (Sound like a night out in Greenpoint?) The best line: “Fuck you Dyke.”

If you want to laugh at art and the LA Art Scene,while seeing behind the scenes footage of the making of Pee Wee’s Playhouse, check out Beauty is Embarrassing about artist and genius puppet designer Wayne White.

Hot and bothered? Put that rage to good use. I never hated rich people so much and felt so helpless about the state of our economy and government than after watching Park Avenue, which is home to America’s highest concentration of billionaires, while across the river The Bronx is one of the poorest area codes. I know that isn’t a sell, but it’s a great documentary.

• Lars and the Real Girl: Ryan Gosling and a blow up doll. Enough said.

Update: after hearing my list, Jon was passionate about adding two more.

• Troll Hunter – After Jaws, this is Jon’s favorite movie because “it makes excellent use of the documentary style of horror movies, with surprisingly good special effects, like a 200 foot tall Mountain Troll, completely believable characters and it makes the possibility of giant trolls living in the woods completely plausible,” he said.

• River Monster – Jeremy Wade the shows host is the perfect mix of scientist, adventurer and self-mocking Brit who goes on incredibly costly trips all over the world in search of fresh water fish who have been blamed for human death. Even so he insists on throwing every fish back unharmed – mostly.

Stay cool, Greenpoint!

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