This is my final nail report for a while. Man, it’s expensive, especially with the gel habit I developed. Plus I want to “air” them out, let them breathe. My last stop before our amazing trip to Florida was H&Q on Manhattan Ave where I got my Florida Sunrise Nails.

By this point, I was pretty picky with my nail selections, and by picky I mean outrageous. My thinking is if gel is going to last for two weeks then I am going to make it count. I think I was heavily influenced by a stack of belts I photographed at work color wise for this set. (Belts inspire me? I think I need to career make-over.)

My nail tech Lee was getting a little impatient with all my color changes. Maybe I’m just paranoid or maybe she was making fun of me in her native tongue, Elaine Benes style. Normally I give up, but I really had a vision: tri-color 70s rainbow and I knew Lee could do it.

I gave her a lot of encouragement as she fastidiously layered the polish on each nail. By the end she was so proud and happy of her accomplishment. She took a photo of my nails and was making all the other tech’s check them out. Lee and I, we really mage magic together.

So I’d like to go out on a high note, for now. There is no doubt I will need a taste again. Good bye for now, my nail art obsessed friends. It won’t be long before I resume the infinite journey of mani pedi’s in Greenpoint. It seems like a new place pops open everyday!


HQ Nail
724 Manhattan Ave

Cleanliness: 5/5
Friendliness: 4/5
Quality of mani/ped: 5/5
Value: 3/5
Local Banter: 3/5
Variety of colors: 5/5
Bonus Massage: 2 bonus points – 0/2

No razor was offered.

25/32 points

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