A native non-Polish Greenpointer, I grew up living by McGolrick Park and am here still. I’ve seen the transformation of this neighborhood since I was in middle school. That means I picked up Polish cuss words from the school playground and I now pick up my daily Stumptown Coffee from the Brooklyn Standard.  The ‘G’ has been and remains my lifeline — my only, yet painful, way into the city.  Countless Angry Birds levels were won while waiting on the platform.

With the changes, my heart followed. I have to visit, try, eat, see everything Greenpoint (with a spillover to Williamsburg).  I pull and tug my friends from the other four boroughs to my little nabe and I’m proud to say I’ve made converts.  I also have an unhealthy appetite for deal buying sites, and anything Greenpoint triggers an immediate purchase.  My last haircut was at The Parlour Brooklyn, I had dinner at the Manhattan Inn, and I’ve yet to take my High Fall class at the Hollywood Stunts Training Center (Groupon, Scoop St., and Living Social respectively).
Pictures, Deals, and Food. That’s what you’ll find under my name.  I’m high on visuals, few with words. My morning ritual starts with a cup of coffee and me sifting through email subscriptions and 10 tabs of deals websites.  When dining out, I’m that friend who won’t allow anyone to lift their fork until I capture a shot of the sweet glow of fresh pancakes.  But I’m also the friend who insists you share this epiphany of sorts from a bite of Peter Pan Bakery’s doughnut.


So hi, take a bite. 🙂



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