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To sum up three years of Greenpoint:

1.  Almost every food is better smoked;

2.  “Good at basketball” is an incredibly relative term;

3.  Everyone ends a night at the Palace Cafe sooner or later.

The rest I’m still figuring out.  In the meantime, hi, I’m Peter, and I’m going to be (over)sharing with you here on a regular basis.  A quick interview with myself:


How’d you end up here?
I moved to Greenpoint about three or so years ago after a short and “interesting” stint living in Cobble Hill, which began after a sublet was negotiated over a cheese counter and ended with me making the excellent choice to pack up and head north.  I found a great apartment on Leonard & Calyer, which, having looked at Craigslist prices the other day, I am never, ever leaving, so hands off.

What’s your most triumphant Greenpoint moment?
My  best Greenpoint moment to date was definitely winning last year’s Word bookstore basketball league championship.  It was the highest* achievement of my storied** athletic career.  Seriously though, big thanks to the girls and boys of the Red Herring for getting us there.

What do you do with yourself when you’re not winning things?
On those rare occasions, I work out in Flushing for the Parks department, making maps mostly related to street tree planting.  I have a beautiful reverse-peak commute out to a less beautiful giant parking lot in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.  Locally, I like to read in the backyard of the Diamond, people-watch off my stoop, and poorly play a wide variety of instruments.

What can we expect out of you?
I over-think the hell out of every meal, musical event, and passing car I come across, so expect overly detailed reviews of local spots and goings-on combined with the occasional note on civics and, if you’re lucky, a map or two.

Greenpoint’s been a great home to me and I’m looking forward to writing out my opinions on its comings and goings for your amusement.


*     “Only”
**   It’s a short story.

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