Dearly beloved Greenpointers,

I hope this finds you well endowed.

The name is Joann Kim and I am gratefully honored to be a new contributor to this ravenously splendid blog. I am a blogger and art writer working as a studio manager to a stupendous artist. I love all things art and food and hope to share some of my biased, imperfect, and irrational passions with you all. I’ve lived in Greenpoint off McGolrick Park for a year and a half and find this neighborhood to be equally lovable and heinous. I grew up in Queens which was an uneventful affair and have traveled through the boroughs to be contently settled in northern Brooklyn.

I intend to expose the fine refinements that sprout from this nabe in the form of interviews, resident profiles, restaurant/bar/cafe reviews, event coverage, and of course, gossip.
As they say: Hang tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.



Check out my blog here.

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