Greenpointers, GROUP HUG!

Aside from working hard all weekend to collect and distribute critical supplies to those in need after the devastation caused by Sandy, we have raised over $5000 to be donated to New York Cares. Thanks to local businesses and individuals who have donated over 50 amazing prizes!

Until now, I never understood how important this website could be in bringing the entire community together to help out fellow New Yorker during a time of such need! Be proud.

It was difficult to chose a charity and I never expected we would raise so much in such a short amount of time. I can literally sit and watch the donations coming in, minute by minute. The generosity is unbelievable!

With over a week to go, I am adding an additional option.


When you make your donation, you can chose your funds to benefit either New York Cares, or our local Greenpoint Soup Kitchen, who is working so hard, not only to feed hungry Greenpointers, but to prepare meals for those in shelter displaced by Hurricane Sandy in Brooklyn.

As I write this, the Greenpoint Soup Kitchen is making over 400 sandwiches for elderly Brooklynites who are taking shelter at the armory. Their work is tireless and directly benefits hungry New Yorkers during this difficult time.

Both options enter you to win the same awesome prizes!

New York Cares Sandy Raffle Tickets $10

Greenpoint Soup Kitchen Sandy Raffle Tickets $10

The best part: whatever charity you chose, you will be entered to win the same awesome prizes! So consider making an additional donation, and up your odds of winning things like: 1 Year Cafe Grumpy Coffee Subscription ($240), Date Night for Two at Milk and Roses, Brooklyn Cruiser Bike ($499), $100 Gift Certificate to Dalaga, Weft & Warp Scarf ($250), a Baritone Ukulele from Pentatonic Guitars ($69) or many other wonderful prizes donated by local businesses in Greenpoint and nearby. 

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