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Take Over Greenpointers Instagram This Year!

Photos by: @plusbien @thatshannon @jengphoto @ognimod @dylanandrewlappin @_gusponce @roblomblad @emilybonserj

We had such a great time inviting locals to take over our Instagram in 2014, that we decided to continue in 2015. Each week a new photographer will get the password to our Instagram account and show us their unique view of the hood.

If you want to participate – it’s super easy – just fill out this form and we will contact you to take over for one week coming up.

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Instagram Take Over @gittlebass

Instagram Takeover @gittlebass

This week’s Instagram Takeover is by @Gittlebass and we absolutely love this remarkable photo of the power plant across the East River, with barren winter trees and the old cobblestone street. Bryan told us: Continue reading

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Instagram Takeover @roblomblad

@roblomblad for @greenpointers

We are getting a little moody this week as @roblomblad takes over @Greenpointers Instagram feed and I’m liking it. Rob Lomblad got into photography because, “it’s a good excuse to stare at things,” he said. Continue reading

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View from a Greenpoint Rooftop at Night

Manhattan Ave Rooftop

All of my friends who haven’t been priced out of Greenpoint have made the strategic decision to never leave their apartments. And with a view like this, overlooking Manhattan Ave, Nassau Ave and the city skyline, why ever leave?

Long Exposure of the NYC Skyline with Motion

Continue reading

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#Beautiful_Greenpoint – Send Us Your Photos!

We were really pissed when we saw this post by Brooklyn Magazine that said, “Greenpoint looks like the poorest, most dangerous neighborhood in New York City” based on the results of a stupid poll of people judging neighborhoods based on google street view images. Everyone know those photos are lame.

Last week was such a hard week for us here in 11222, and it felt like they were kicking us while we were down. Let’s show all those bozos who thought Greenpoint is a dump that it is really charming in it’s own gritty and colorful way!

If you follow us on Instagram send the following hashtags #beautiful_greenpointers #greenpointers to @greenpointers.

On Flickr add it to the Greenpointers Flickr Pool.

You can also email us (small jpgs please!) with #beautful_greenpoint in the subject line to greenpointers at

Stay gorgeous, Greenpoint!

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