We were really pissed when we saw this post by Brooklyn Magazine that said, “Greenpoint looks like the poorest, most dangerous neighborhood in New York City” based on the results of a stupid poll of people judging neighborhoods based on google street view images. Everyone know those photos are lame.

Last week was such a hard week for us here in 11222, and it felt like they were kicking us while we were down. Let’s show all those bozos who thought Greenpoint is a dump that it is really charming in it’s own gritty and colorful way!

If you follow us on Instagram send the following hashtags #beautiful_greenpointers #greenpointers to @greenpointers.

On Flickr add it to the Greenpointers Flickr Pool.

You can also email us (small jpgs please!) with #beautful_greenpoint in the subject line to greenpointers at gmail.com


Stay gorgeous, Greenpoint!

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  1. Hi,
    I grew up in “The Point” and occasionally wander back for good kielbasa and to photograph some of the spots where I lived, owned a business and played. I have over 100 photos of Greenpoint posted on Face Book. This is the link and I know I have more that I will scale down and email to you. Feel free to take and share all you want.
    Dee =)

  2. as an old time greenpointer i have to say that living in greenpoint during my younger years has made me the man that i am.we always had a sence of friendship and family their.i went to st.Anthony of padua school and lived on milton street.my whole world revolved on that small pivot point.i would give up almost everything to go back in time and live that part of my life over again

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