@roblomblad for @greenpointers

We are getting a little moody this week as @roblomblad takes over @Greenpointers Instagram feed and I’m liking it. Rob Lomblad got into photography because, “it’s a good excuse to stare at things,” he said. Aside from his iPhone he shoots with a Canon G10 and a 5D but ultimately when it comes to the film vs. digital debate he said, “the person making the pictures matters more than anything. Who cares what kind of camera you use?” Originally from Chicago, Rob is inspired by Brooklyn because, “It’s weird & wonderful in its own particular way.” He described his favorite photo he has ever taken: “an extra long pallet leaning against the side of a loading dock, vertically.” Stay tuned for more of Rob’s great work and follow him on his Tumblr, Possibly Plausible.

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