WANTED: ART EDITOR is seeking a freelance Art Editor. This position is pay per post. You will be responsible for keeping up with local art and creating original short blog posts, 1-2 times a week. Must be detail oriented, highly knowledgable about Greenpoint, Brooklyn and have a great personality and fun writing style.

Qualified candidates email the following to editor (at)

Subject line: Art Editor (Your Name)

In the email write in one sentence why you are the perfect candidate.

Include a brief bio and links to writing samples.

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WANTED: NEWS EDITOR is seeking a freelance News Editor. This position is paid via a monthly stipend. You will be responsible for keeping up with local news and creating original short blog posts, 3-5 times a week. Must be detail oriented, highly knowledgable about Greenpoint, Brooklyn and have a great personality and fun writing style.

Qualified candidates email the following to editor (at)

Subject line: News Editor (Your Name)

In the email write in one sentence why you are the perfect candidate.

Include a brief bio and links to writing samples.

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Sign-Up for Indie Media Camp – I’m Teaching! (11/10)

Calling all bloggers and independent media moguls – Brooklyn Based is hosting an all day Indie Media Camp in Gowanus on November 13, 2013 and asked yours truly to teach just one of the many great classes offered:  Pro Photo Tips For Bloggers.

Aside from useful workshops, the schedule is packed with useful panels on food blogging, ad sponsorships, navigating social Media – with panelists from EATER, Refinery 29, Brokelyn, Gothamist and many more!

If you’re just starting a blog or a seasoned blogger there will be a ton of important information to learn. Buy tickets! 

And if you come, no heckling me!

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Food Book Fair

Food Book Fair Starts Today @danieldelaneyThe Food Book Fair was this past weekend at the newly opened Wythe Hotel. When I think of fair I think of tractor pulls, farm animals, funnel cakes, and a lot of hoopla. I expected the Food Book Fair to be convention style, with tables, shwag, food samples, commotion. Instead there was a tiny and well curated “book store” in a nook in the hotel lobby, and talks and panel discussions were held in a beautiful ballroom. Food was for sale, and looked outstanding. And there were expensive dinners each evening. Hoopla came in the form of a pigeon sneaking into the event and making a raucous and flying up into the projector screen. The beast wrangler in me caught the scared bird and released it.
I want this sandwich but I already ate a sandwich! #lunch #food #rampsOver the weekend I attended 6 talks, which were well organized, very informative and hosted by leaders and innovators in the field of food, writing, cooking, publishing and technology. All were followed by book signings. I left with a wealth of knowledge and a brain full of inspiring ideas.
More public access, in the form of free events, and food samples is something I hope they improve upon for the next fair. Important info about the food industry as well as resources for hopeful food writers shouldn’t come at a price. That being said, I am sure a 3-day long event at the Wythe hotel was costly.

What follows is a brief summary of each talk I attended.

Continue reading

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All She Wrote

Well, this is it. My last post on The Greenpointers. Tonight I hand the proverbial keys over to the new owner. I could sit here and wax poetic on the last 4 years but I’d rather brag about my successor, Jennifer Galatioto! Let the google stalking begin!

Jennifer is a native New Yorker, by way of Middle Village, Queens. And while Greenpoint is in Brooklyn, we’ve always had a kinship with Queens. Jen has been hanging her hat in Greenpoint for awhile now and she intends on staying forever and ever! Jen is already in the blogging world via her blog Morta Di Fame and she’s part of the team running Ugly Art Room. She’s also involved with all sorts of local events and cool shit – she’s got such a great energy and down to earth vibe that I instantly liked. And I think all of you will too.

I hope everyone will welcome her with open arms. I really feel Jen is going to appeal to all of the readers, new and old. And even those who have moved away but still like to check in on what’s going on in the old neighborhood. I’m sure her first post won’t be that long off but you can reach Jen directly at [email protected] and send her any tips, inquiries or well wishes today.

It’s been an amazing experience to create this blog and watch it flourish, and it gives me a great sense of joy to be able to see it go on without me and evolve. Thank you for reading over the years and goodbye Greenpoint!


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Hands have been shook and a deal has been struck. The Greenpointers has found its new owner!

I’ll make an official post and introduction to the new owner once everything is signed, sealed and delivered – probably in the next week or two. But I wanted to let you all know that I am EXTREMELY happy with the decision. The new owner is already a huge part of the community, a native New Yorker and has amazing plans for this little blog. I don’t want to give any of their great ideas away, but I’m thrilled that The Greenpointers is going to live on to continue its reign as the unofficial blog of the neighborhood.

I also wanted to thank all the readers who sent in emails of such kind words. And Faye over at Brokelyn for posting about the sale with sweet words. I am touched by how many people read and really love and support the blog. Thank you for making me feel ridiculously wonderful! And when I made my decision to sell the blog to new owner, I knew I was making the right decision not just for myself but for the members of the community who depend on this blog to know what’s going on in Greenpoint.

Thank you, all!

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For Sale: The Greenpointers

Updated 9/8/11: A deal has been struck!

Update 9/1/11: I’ll be updating this post as I’ve gotten an overwhelming response already in just the last hour. I will not be making any rash decisions or selling it without responding to all serious inquiries. I will also not be selling it to a spam site – so no worries there. Thanks all!


I’m moving out of the neighborhood at the end of the month (September 29th to be exact) and I’m letting go of my baby. The Greenpointers has been a part of my life since the summer of 2007 and has evolved into a resource for the community to see the latest news, happenings and gossip around the neighborhood. I’m very proud of what I created with the help of numerous contributors over the years.

I’m offering Greenpointers up for best offer. If you’re interested, shoot me an email at
[email protected]
. I’m more than happy to answer any questions. Below are a few tidbits:

* August 2011 visitors: 18,370
* Website is run with WordPress
* I use Dreamhost as the host
* All existing content is included – If you wanted to, you could just pick up where I left off or you can start over. Entirely up to you.
* Original gmail account from the beginning of the blog is included
* All existing social media id’s are included – Facebook page, group, Twitter, Foursquare, Flickr, etc.
* A few of the contributors have already let me know they would be interested in staying on board with a new owner.

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Here’s Greenpoint

There’s a new Greenpoint blog in town!

Here’s Greenpoint and Here’s Williamsburg just launched this month and are sister sites of the already established Here’s Park Slope blog which dates back to February of 2009.

Here’s Greenpoint is already making mad scoops in the neighborhood like a new bar possibly coming to 120 Franklin Street, Grandma’s Kitchen, a new restaurant coming to 683 Manhattan Avenue, Palace Fried Chicken’s relocation and the resulting expansion of the Liquor Store to take over it’s old spot on the corner of Manhattan & Nassau. And that’s just in this new blog’s first WEEK.

I really like that each day they have a “theme”. Monday’s will showcase a different local business each week, Tuesday’s are for the new kids on the block, Wednesday’s all about the bartenders, Thursday’s are a local history lesson and Friday’s are for gluttonous food porn. I love it!

I’ll definitely be reading Here’s Greenpoint every morning, so hurry up and follow, fan and RSS them… Like now!

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The Greenpointers turns 4 today! Can you believe it? Four years since I started this blog, when I first moved back to the neighborhood. It has evolved so much in that time… From a simple “girl back in the ‘hood” concept to the go-to site for everything Greenpoint. Pretty awesome ride, indeed.

I’d like to take this time to thank all the members of the community who read The Greenpointers. And there are a lot of you! Every month since I started this blog the visits have gone up. In fact, just in the short few months since I moved the blog to it’s own dedicated website, the hits are even more than they were on Blogger. Over 2,000 followers on Twitter and over 5,000 (!!) fans on Facebook! It just blows my mind how many people are connected to this blog. And I thank you all for reading it, following it, and fan-ing it!

I’ve been able to help out my neighbors by answering their questions,  getting the word out about events, raising awareness about issues, and helping local businesses get noticed. It’s been absolutely nothing but tons of fun being able to check out places and stuff that I might have otherwise missed out on.

Another amazing benefit of this blog is the people I’ve had a chance to either meet, collaborate with or just email chat with. Especially the truly spectacular writers who have joined me in the past and present. I’ve even gained a few friends in the process.

This is my last year in Greenpoint. In September 2012 I’ll be moving to upstate New York. Greenpoint will always be where I came from, but it’s time to move on. The neighborhood has changed immensely, both for the better and for the worse. It’s always hard to see what was once yours, unrecognizable. But change is healthy, and I wish Greenpoint the best in its continuing transformation.

The blog will be active until the moving trucks arrive! After that, I’m not sure what will become of The Greenpointers. I’d hate to see the site die a slow, inactive, internet abyss death. That would break my heart. But seeing it turn into a spam search site would kill me even more. Any person or group I’d consider selling it to would have to promise to see The Greenpointers live on, just as it has, evolving with the neighborhood. It wouldn’t be about the highest bidder, it’d be about the most committed. But that’s still a year away and I have lots left to contribute before I’m gone. And like the saying goes, it ain’t over til the fat lady sings!

I’m looking forward to this years holiday Greenpoint Gift Guide. It was a smashing success last year and I really want to amp it up this year. I’m hoping to have even more shops, restaurants and local businesses contribute and even more deals, discounts and exclusive offers for The Greenpointers readers. This holiday season, you’re gonna be able to get ALL your shopping done within walking distance of your house.

Thank you!



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Write for The Greenpointers!

I’m looking for some new blood this summer! There are lots of events and happenings going on this summer and I just cannot do it all – as much as I may want to. 🙂

Male or female, no “official” writing or blogging experience is necessary but you should be internet saavy and a fast learner. If you’ve already got your own blog and are looking to contribute somewhere else to get some more writing under your belt, that’s great, too.

Obviously we write about Greenpoint here. I dabble in Williamsburg as well, but mostly sticking to the Northside. Occasionally we all go outside the neighborhood, but for the most part it’s Greenpoint only, so you kind of have to live here.

I’d love someone from the McGolrick Park side of the ‘point. I grew up on that side but I never find myself over there anymore and I’d really like to be able to rep my hood better in that neck of the woods.

A photo blogger. I adore photography, always have. I love taking pictures myself, but again, I just never find myself doing it. If you’re the type who takes your camera everywhere you go and you’re a Flickr freak, I’d love to have you show off your Greenpoint shots here.

A reviewer type. Whether you like to go to local music gigs, dine in local restaurants or just enjoy rating everything you do, that’s always welcome. I don’t always get a chance to check out every new place that opens but if you’re a social butterfly who’s always looking for the newest, coolest thing – I’d love to have you.

Arts & Culture. I get a TON of emails and leads on art shows and to be truthful, I am not interested in it at all. But I know there are many readers who are and I’d like to be able to have someone who understands the art scene and wants to write about it!

I’m very open to ideas, too. If you have a recurring theme or ‘thing’ you’d like to do, try me! As long as it’s Greenpoint related, I’m pretty much open to anything.

My only pre-requisites are you *have* to have a sense of humor and you must know how to spell and punctuate. I’d like potential writers to commit to at least one post a week, more often would be even better. Other than that, it’s an open call to do whatever.

So what do YOU get out of this gig? No, you don’t get paid, but there are the rare occasional benefits. I get invited to things and I always share. Press invites come in for stuff, too.

Email me at [email protected] if you’re interested. I ask that everyone who is interested to write an introductory post so I could see your writing style. So if you want to toss your hat in the ring email me a post or if you have any questions feel free to do so as well.

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