Hands have been shook and a deal has been struck. The Greenpointers has found its new owner!

I’ll make an official post and introduction to the new owner once everything is signed, sealed and delivered – probably in the next week or two. But I wanted to let you all know that I am EXTREMELY happy with the decision. The new owner is already a huge part of the community, a native New Yorker and has amazing plans for this little blog. I don’t want to give any of their great ideas away, but I’m thrilled that The Greenpointers is going to live on to continue its reign as the unofficial blog of the neighborhood.

I also wanted to thank all the readers who sent in emails of such kind words. And Faye over at Brokelyn for posting about the sale with sweet words. I am touched by how many people read and really love and support the blog. Thank you for making me feel ridiculously wonderful! And when I made my decision to sell the blog to new owner, I knew I was making the right decision not just for myself but for the members of the community who depend on this blog to know what’s going on in Greenpoint.

Thank you, all!

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