Well, this is it. My last post on The Greenpointers. Tonight I hand the proverbial keys over to the new owner. I could sit here and wax poetic on the last 4 years but I’d rather brag about my successor, Jennifer Galatioto! Let the google stalking begin!

Jennifer is a native New Yorker, by way of Middle Village, Queens. And while Greenpoint is in Brooklyn, we’ve always had a kinship with Queens. Jen has been hanging her hat in Greenpoint for awhile now and she intends on staying forever and ever! Jen is already in the blogging world via her blog Morta Di Fame and she’s part of the team running Ugly Art Room. She’s also involved with all sorts of local events and cool shit – she’s got such a great energy and down to earth vibe that I instantly liked. And I think all of you will too.

I hope everyone will welcome her with open arms. I really feel Jen is going to appeal to all of the readers, new and old. And even those who have moved away but still like to check in on what’s going on in the old neighborhood. I’m sure her first post won’t be that long off but you can reach Jen directly at [email protected] and send her any tips, inquiries or well wishes today.

It’s been an amazing experience to create this blog and watch it flourish, and it gives me a great sense of joy to be able to see it go on without me and evolve. Thank you for reading over the years and goodbye Greenpoint!


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  1. I never comment on blogs- but I have been receiving your emails for about a year now. Thank you for keeping me informed over the past year. Good luck on your next adventures.

  2. Much happiness to you, Justine. You have been wonderful, keeping us updated on everything.
    And good luck and best wishes to Jennifer as she takes on “The Greenpointers!” I’m one of the ones who moved away, but I am a born and bred Greenpointer! I also know Elmhurst/Middle Village, as I visited very often (my cousin lived there).
    I love this blog, as I love keeping up with my old neighborhood of Greenpoint. My thanks to both of you ladies!

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