The Greenpointers turns 4 today! Can you believe it? Four years since I started this blog, when I first moved back to the neighborhood. It has evolved so much in that time… From a simple “girl back in the ‘hood” concept to the go-to site for everything Greenpoint. Pretty awesome ride, indeed.

I’d like to take this time to thank all the members of the community who read The Greenpointers. And there are a lot of you! Every month since I started this blog the visits have gone up. In fact, just in the short few months since I moved the blog to it’s own dedicated website, the hits are even more than they were on Blogger. Over 2,000 followers on Twitter and over 5,000 (!!) fans on Facebook! It just blows my mind how many people are connected to this blog. And I thank you all for reading it, following it, and fan-ing it!

I’ve been able to help out my neighbors by answering their questions,  getting the word out about events, raising awareness about issues, and helping local businesses get noticed. It’s been absolutely nothing but tons of fun being able to check out places and stuff that I might have otherwise missed out on.

Another amazing benefit of this blog is the people I’ve had a chance to either meet, collaborate with or just email chat with. Especially the truly spectacular writers who have joined me in the past and present. I’ve even gained a few friends in the process.

This is my last year in Greenpoint. In September 2012 I’ll be moving to upstate New York. Greenpoint will always be where I came from, but it’s time to move on. The neighborhood has changed immensely, both for the better and for the worse. It’s always hard to see what was once yours, unrecognizable. But change is healthy, and I wish Greenpoint the best in its continuing transformation.


The blog will be active until the moving trucks arrive! After that, I’m not sure what will become of The Greenpointers. I’d hate to see the site die a slow, inactive, internet abyss death. That would break my heart. But seeing it turn into a spam search site would kill me even more. Any person or group I’d consider selling it to would have to promise to see The Greenpointers live on, just as it has, evolving with the neighborhood. It wouldn’t be about the highest bidder, it’d be about the most committed. But that’s still a year away and I have lots left to contribute before I’m gone. And like the saying goes, it ain’t over til the fat lady sings!

I’m looking forward to this years holiday Greenpoint Gift Guide. It was a smashing success last year and I really want to amp it up this year. I’m hoping to have even more shops, restaurants and local businesses contribute and even more deals, discounts and exclusive offers for The Greenpointers readers. This holiday season, you’re gonna be able to get ALL your shopping done within walking distance of your house.

Thank you!



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