Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the streets of North Brooklyn have dramatically changed and Greenpointers continues to be at the forefront of capturing these unprecedented shifts.

As a hyperlocal media outlet with feet on the ground, Greenpointers is as connected to the neighborhood in person as it is through online coverage of news. After this year’s cancellation of all of our live events, the website shifted focus in-part by responding to the flood of messages from the local businesses navigating one COVID-related crisis after another. These mom-and-pop shops are central to the experience and character of the neighborhood.

In response to this crisis, we continue to work overtime to provide Greenpoint and Williamsburg residents with critical news, while driving crucial cash flow to struggling local businesses by connecting our audience to fundraisers, changes in operating hours or services, openings, re-openings and closings. Despite all of our effort, Greenpointers’ small team is unable to address every concern or request for coverage that we receive daily.

In order to better connect our audience to small local businesses, and to gain comprehensive insight into the impact of COVID-19 in North Brooklyn, we are creating a database of businesses that will help us better serve our community with data-supported reporting.

If you’re a business owner who is currently located in (or was prior to March 22, 2020 mandate to shutdown) the Williamsburg or Greenpoint neighborhoods please be sure to fill out this form (also available within this page).

More about this project and what to expect:

  • Whether you have a fundraiser, sale, are re-opening or opening, this is the best way to communicate information to us.
  • We may contact you for more information for inclusion our “Coronavirus Chronicles” series.
  • We’re working on a visual tool to show the impact of Coronavirus on every storefront in Williamsburg and Greenpoint. (No confidential or personal info will be included.) Target date is the end of 2020.
  • We will work with select businesses that fill out this form as beta-testers.

Coronavirus Chronicles

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