Luksus_Logo_180Luksus @ Torst is a seasonal tasting menu with optional beverage pairings to go alongside your meal. Come 15 minutes early, grab a drink, and prepare yourself for an evening filled with yumminess.

615 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222

(718) 389-6034

Tue&Wed | 7:30pm
Thur-Sun | 6:30 and 9pm
Mon | Closed
*please be advised that service will start promptly so please come 15 minutes early and join us for a beer at the bar beforehand. In fairness to the other guests, anyone arriving late for their reservation will start at the course for which they arrive.

$125 – does not include tax or gratuity
optional beverage pairing for $55

Email for reservations

Website | Facebook (Torst) | Instagram

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