Awoke Vintage Reopens This Weekend After Fire

Post-fire damage at Awoke Vintage in Williamsburg
Post-fire damage at Awoke Vintage in Williamsburg

A few weeks ago the Williamsburg location of Awoke Vintage (132 N 5th Street) suffered a devastating fire in the middle of the night around 3am. The cause is undetermined, but the owners say it’s possible that it was electrical. The shop unfortunately lost almost everything, and insurance only covered about 1/8 of their losses. Thankfully, no one was hurt, and they were able to direct regulars to their Greenpoint store.

This weekend, like a phoenix rising, the Williamsburg location is re-opening. Drop in to either location to say hello and get some badass vintage finds! Continue reading

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Everyone Is Listening To Drake: Mixcloud Curates Panel at Good Room

Nico Perez (Mixcloud), David Byrne (Talking Heads), Emily Friedlander (Thump), Ryan Schreiber (Pitchfork), and Alex White (The Next Big Sound)
Nico Perez (Mixcloud), David Byrne (Talking Heads), Emily Friedlander (Thump), Ryan Schreiber (Pitchfork), and Alex White (The Next Big Sound)

When I was a 90s kid, my family got the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a Nielsen Family. Pre-internet and pre-black box, they sent us a survey packet in the mail and we had to write down which TV shows we watched and when. I vividly remember my mom writing down that we were watching PBS when actually we were watching Family Matters on TGIF. “Well, we want PBS to stay on the air,” my mom said. “They don’t need to know what we’re really watching.” These days, with households either having some kind of black box attached to the TV or streaming shows via the internet, big data knows exactly who watches what and when. There’s no way to cheat the system. And the same goes for music streaming services.

Last Thursday night’s Mixcloud panel on the Future of Music Discovery at Good Room had a line stretching around the block outside in the rain. I think some came just to see David Byrne say some wacky things on stage, but most likely others attended with a genuine interest in the modern and intimate relationship between music and data. Nico Perez from Mixcloud moderated the panel of four music experts: music legend David Byrne of Talking Heads; Emily Friedlander, Editor-In-Chief of Vice’s Thump; Ryan Schreiber, founder of Pitchfork; and Alex White, founder of The Next Big Sound (recently acquired by Pandora).

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We’re Seeking Contributors + Happy Hour 8/16!

Manhattanhenge via Greenpoint. Photo: Megan Penmann
Photo: Megan Penmann

Greenpointers is seeking writers, photographers, illustrators, videographers, and content makers. If you love Greenpoint and create content in the areas of local news, art, music, food, fashion, wellness, environment, politics, history, events—then you should contribute for us!

Meet with our editorial team along with old and new contributors Tuesday, August 16 2016, 7pm at The Moonlight Mile at 200 Franklin Street (at India St.). We’ll have a fun time exchanging ideas, drinkin’ beer and meeting other mega-talented Greenpointers. If you missed the last happy hour or you attended and we didn’t get in touch with you yet, we’d still love to see you. Please feel free to come by!

You should RSVP here so we know who’s interested!

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Searching for the Way Out: The New Fun of Escape Rooms at Komnata Quest

Komnata Quest - "Boxed Up" adventure
Komnata Quest – “Boxed Up” adventure

It sounds kind of crazy, but one of the most fun experiences I’ve had recently is getting locked in a room and discovering a way out. Escape room games are fun, scary, and a way of making you think creatively.

Greenpoint’s Komnata Quest offers several different experiences—you choose an “adventure” and get locked into a room. The point? To solve a mystery with 1-4 people you know—and find your way out in less than an hour. There are no actors—just you and your friends in the room. You use the clues you are given, and solve clue after clue until you solve the mystery.

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Final Greenpoint Clean Up Day This Saturday!

Greenpoint Clean Up Day

Greenpoint is a busy neighborhood where local residents coexist right next to or sometimes right on top of industry—and often that means we have special needs for trash pick-up and recycling. Greenpoint Clean Up Day, in partnership with Greenpoint Chamber of Commerce and Neighbors Allied for Good Growth, has been around for the past year and is funded with GCEF money to help the community band together and clean up our streets to make Greenpoint a healthier place to live, work and play. This Saturday is the last Clean Up day for the year, so get out there and pitch in! Continue reading

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Pete’s Mini Zine Fest This Weekend!

Bill Roundy - Bar Scrawl
Bill Roundy – Bar Scrawl

Pete’s Mini Zine Fest, Greenpoint’s 6-year-old under-the-radar zine fest will be hosted at Pete’s Candy Store (709 Lorimer Street) this Saturday afternoon and promises good hangs, good conversation, and awesome zines! You’ll get to meet the comic artists and writers behind 25 different local self-published zines and graphic novels. It’s the same old vibe as years past, with brand new zinesters. The fest uses both the indoor and outdoor spaces at Pete’s and doesn’t cost a dime to attend. Though if you do as the organizers suggest and “drink a beer, buy a zine,” you’ll likely plunk down a few bucks support local art while you imbibe. Continue reading

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Neighbors Allied for Good Growth Community Map Fair

NAG's ToxiCity Map
NAG’s ToxiCity Map

This Wednesday, July 27th at the McCarren Pool Community Room (776 Lorimer Street) from 6:30pm–8:30pm, Neighbors Allied for Good Growth are hosting a science fair-style event with justice-driven maps on display and open for public questions and commentary. The event coincides with the unveiling of NAG’s ToxiCity Map, which shows environmental conditions and hazardous activity in Williamsburg and Greenpoint. Continue reading

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Volunteer In The Transmitter Park Butterfly Garden This Saturday July 23

Transmitter Park volunteer day

This Saturday, July 23rd, join the GCEF-funded Greenpoint Parks Community Stewardship Program for fun and exploration in Transmitter Park’s garden, home to many bird- and butterfly-friendly plants! Learn how to identify these species, and discover the benefits they provide – all while hanging out with your Greenpoint neighbors! Afterwards, volunteers will tend to Transmitter Park by weeding and watering the garden together. Continue reading

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Firm and Funny: Iron Man at Pete’s Candy Store

Iron ManLast night I decided to swing by Pete’s Candy Store (709 Lorimer Street) in Williamsburg to check out performance artist Iron Man. On every Tuesday evening in July, James Hook is ironing your finest, and his own, in a display that encourages participants to pit the patriarchy against the matriarchy and even examine feelings about slavery and servitude. The one-man show is literally a dude standing in a bar steam ironing clothes under a tabletop spotlight while folks sit around drinking PBR’s, eating grilled cheese sandwiches and paying little attention. But with the steam rising through the single light source, the result is actually somewhat dramatic, and affecting. Continue reading

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