This Friday, February 16, a new watering hole with reasonably-priced pints is opening in Williamsburg. 

The new spot is called The Less Dead (949 Grand St.) and is owned by Tony Petillo, the proprietor of two other North Brooklyn bars, The Mallard Drake (43 Franklin St.) and Brooklyn Safehouse (120 Franklin St.).

The interior of The Less Dead, a new bar in Williamsburg opening Friday. Photo: Tony Petillo

Petillo told Greenpointers that the vibes at The Less Dead will be very similar to Brooklyn Safehouse and The Mallard Drake, which opened in Greenpoint last February. The newcomer will offer affordable drinks in a fun, casual, low-key setting. 

The beverage menu includes $4 beers, $5 well drinks, and beer and shot combos for $5. The Less Dead will not offer food when it opens, but Petillo is not opposed to having food in the future. 

The interior of The Less Dead, showing the bar’s pool table and pinball machine. Photo: Tony Petillo

As the name connotes, The Less Dead will have a dark interior with black walls. The space livens up outside with a large backyard space that has a bocce court. Petillo said that it will be free for customers to play on the bocce court and bocce leagues will start in the spring.


Like at Petillo’s other bars, The Less Dead will also offer free pool, plus it will have a pinball machine. 

A view of The Less Dead’s backyard and bocce court, which is still under construction. Photo: Tony Petillo

When The Less Dead opens on Friday, the space will still be under construction. The backyard area specifically still has work that needs to be completed. The website is also still under construction. 

The Less Dead is open daily 2 p.m. – 4 a.m.

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